By Dani Finkelstein published April 3, 2015

8 Super-Simple Tools You Can Use to Create Better Content 


With so many advances in smart technology these days, marketing professionals, content creators, and their teams need to keep up with the availability of tools that help reduce their workload and maximize their output.

Yet, many don’t have the time to investigate which tools will help them the most. To help you thrive in this era of smart content, we share information about eight useful tools that can help you create more effective content and cut down on the time it takes to create it.

Start with the title

Emotional Marketing Headline Analyzer – This excellent tool allows you to measure how emotional your headlines are. You can decide which emotion you want to activate in your customers by testing various versions of your headline.

CoSchedule – We just love tools that help us write better headlines, and CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is doing it right. Simple and easy to use, you can now understand your headlines in great depth.

Check your structure

Hemingway – Insert your content into Hemingway and the tool can tell you if your text is too dense, too complex, or unreadable. Great way to reduce editing time.

hemingway-content-creation-tool-image 1

Google AdWords Keyword Planner – Google has probably the best keyword tool (it should be a given that it’s the SEO ruler) that every content writer should use. This tool allows you to research keywords that you want to use in your next piece and suggests other keywords. Saves a lot of time and increases your writing’s SEO.

Get inspired

Google Trends – Find out if your content idea is trending using Google Trend’s technology. It shows a graph of the keywords that you intend to use in relation to their usage in Google search.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator – If you’re stuck for ideas, use HubSpot’s genius tool: It allows you to input three nouns about a topic of your choice and then generates ideas for your next blog post. – A great digital curation tool, it allows you to find great content and add your own twist, save it until later, and publish through your social media channels.

Do that little bit extra

Cliché Finder – If you are writing all day, every day, it’s natural that your words may start to sound cliché. Use this simple tool to uncover which phrases have lost their impact.

Do you use any of these tools in your content marketing? Please share what you think about them and what tools you would add to the list.

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Please note:  All tools included in our blog posts are suggested by authors, not the CMI editorial team.  No one post can provide all relevant tools in the space. Feel free to include additional tools in the comments (from your company or ones that you have used).

Author: Dani Finkelstein

Dani Finkelstein is the co-founder of BlogsRelease, the press release board for bloggers worldwide. Dani is passionate about business, entrepreneurship, and content marketing. Dani likes to follow influential bloggers and works hard on bringing the blogosphere a visible platform to find the latest press releases in diverse industries. Connect with the team on Twitter @BlogsRelease, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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  • Rafael Lopez Callejon

    Thank you for the list, but as a non native English speaker, I love Grammarly

    • Dani Finkelstein

      Thanks for sharing Rafael. I would be happy to hear about your experience with the other tools on the list.

  • Bill Cushard

    That Hubspot blog generator is very good. I use it often in combination with the 4U’s of writing headlines. Someday, I’ll write a good headline.

    • Dani Finkelstein

      Hi Bill, nice to e-meet you. I looked through you bag of tricks – looks good 🙂

  • Ashton Wirrenga

    Dani, thanks so much for including the Headline Analyzer in your list! We’re honored to be included. Great post overall, too, you really have some great resources in here.

    • Dani Finkelstein

      Hi Ashton, nice to e-meet you. I went through your portfolio – nice work!
      If you have any ideas for a partnership with BlogsRelease, I would be happy to hear.

  • Rahul Dasgupta

    Nice list Dani. I’ve used Trends, Adwords and Hubspot from the list you’ve mentioned so far and will explore others as well.

    I would like to add which is an excellent tool for long-tail keyword search and Soovle. Portent has a good blog topic generator as well. BuzzSumo is good for analysis and idea research and Reddit is a power hub.

    Thanks again!
    Rahul – The Acseelerator

    • Dani Finkelstein

      Hi Rahul, Thanks for sharing other tools – I would be happy to check them out!
      We would be glad to have a guest post from you on our blog 🙂

      • Rahul Dasgupta

        Thanks Dani, the pleasure is mine 🙂

  • Michael Gowin

    When I log into the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, it wants me to create a campaign. Is there a way to do a keyword analysis without actually making a campaign?

    Great post and the headline tools are terrific.

    • Dani Finkelstein

      Hi Michael,

      Nice to e-meet you.

      You don’t need to create a campaign in order to search keywords on Google AdWords. After you log in to your Google account you have “tools” on the top – when you press on the KeywordPlanner – you can start using the tool without creating a campaign. can help too.

  • Lynise Hammond

    Going to try them, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    • Dani Finkelstein

      Thanks. Would be happy to hear about your experience with these tools 🙂

  • kokostiletto

    Hi Dani! Great post! These are great content marketing tools. You should check out Notey. They are a free visual blog discovery platform where you can search for stories on over 500,000 topics!

    • Dani Finkelstein

      Hi, nice to e-meet you. I would be happy to be in touch with you – maybe we can collaborate.

  • Susan Zaney

    Don’t forget that content just isn’t the written word. Check out the Knovio iPad app to easily create video content. I repurpose co-workers’ presentations all the time.

    • Dani Finkelstein

      Hi Susan, off course it’s not just written 🙂
      I will check Knovio app – Thanks

  • Leah

    A really fantastic article, thank you!

    I used both the co-scheduler and the AMI analyzer and had blog post on FB get 24 shares!! Usually it’s zero or one.

    My question today is how to handle when those two platforms give opposing advice? Todays title (How to handle stress: An unexpected method) ranks a 75 on co-scheduler and a measly 14 on the other. My gut tells me to use it regardless, but I’d love to hear your feedback on weighing the platforms against each other.

    Thanks again!

    • Dani Finkelstein

      Hi Leah, thank you! And that’s a great question! You know what, I’ll email them both and ask how they explain this but I say your gut feeling is usually the right one! :).

  • Jeanne Sullivan

    Love the HubSpot blog generator! I see a lot of interesting blogs in my future. Thanks so much for writing about these tools! These tips are invaluable.

    • Dani Finkelstein

      Thank you so much Jeanne, enjoy the blogs!

  • Belinda Weaver

    Echoing everyone’s thoughts here- Great list Dani. I freaking love a good tool and the headline analyser and the blog generator hit the spot: easy to use, funny and very useful too.

    • Dani Finkelstein

      Thanks Belinda!

  • Gina Marie

    Dani- Thanks so much for this awesome list!
    Our marketing team uses all the google tools we can BUT we don’t really like we always use them correctly or know how to get them to show us the information we need. Any suggestions for training?
    For instance, we use and for our basic HTML/CSS training…

    • Dani Finkelstein

      Thank Gina. We also like but I’ll definitely let you know if we come across any others!

  • ElenaS

    Gret post, thank you.

    • Dani Finkelstein

      Thank you, Helen!

  • maria.sulaiman

    Thank you Dani, it’s very useful. What do you think about Market Samurai.

    • Dani Finkelstein

      Thanks Maria! I’m not familiar with Market Samurai but I’ll check it out!

  • Peter Leung

    Unfortunately, cliche finder throws an exception every time. Any alternative?

  • Peter Leung

    Thanks, Dani. I’ll check out the app you suggested.

  • Philipp Seidel

    To make a guess: these tools have nothing to do with “content marketing”. it´s just another new online marketing / SEO. Real content marketing is to spread your content where your audience is. Therefor you need a partner/platform with a huge network not just only in online media (print, mobile, app, …)