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15 Ways Content Marketing Rocked Our World in 2014 [Examples]

Every Wednesday the CMI team shares a favorite content marketing example that shakes things up and stands apart from the pack. We compiled 15 killer efforts that inspired in ’14 and make us certain we’ll see more epic content in ’15. Continue reading

19 CCO Articles in 2014 That Every Marketer Should Read

Over the last 12 months, CCO magazine doubled down on content marketing strategy for executives. Its editor shares her favorite articles as well as a few behind-the-scenes publishing debates, and why she had to watch Netflix for work.
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125+ Most Thought-Provoking Tweets from the 2014 #CMWorld Twitter Chats

If you like sound-bite nuggets of wisdom, you’ll like this 125-plus most retweeted and thought-provoking tweets of the more than 42,000 tweets shared on #CMWorld Twitter chats in 2014. Which ones will you retweet? Continue reading

A Behind-the-Scenes Analysis of Social Media Content Trends

Even just a casual glance at sharing data can reveal social media patterns and potential worth examining in more detail. Use CMI’s review of its top-performing Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts to help inform your own evaluation. Continue reading

This Week in Content Marketing: Here’s What Verizon Should Have Done with SugarString

In This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert talk about the difference between a media company and a technology company, Google’s problems and more. They give kudos to George Clooney and excellent storytelling from John Lewis and Coca-Cola. Continue reading

14 Checklists, Scorecards, and Worksheets to Set Up Content Marketing Success

Checklists are great when you have many moving parts or want to tackle a new project. CMI shares 14 of its most popular scorecards and worksheets to help you better plan your content marketing efforts. You can customize them too. Continue reading

The 5 Ws of Adaptive Content: A New Look at Making Content Contextually Appropriate

Making content contextually appropriate for all the possible channels, devices, and scenarios can be overwhelming if you aren’t starting with a good content strategy. Here are the 5 Ws to consider. Continue reading

Essential Templates to Help with Content Marketing, Social Media, and Influencer Marketing Planning

You LOVE templates. We love to share them. Not only can they improve your content marketing planning, they help you track your efforts. Here are 10 templates to help you be more effective in social, editorial, and influencer outreach. Continue reading

Star Shares What Content Marketers Can Learn From The Entertainment Industry

Academy-Award winner Kevin Spacey opens up about nurturing creatives in the entertainment industry, collaborating with non-media brands, and crafting binge-worthy stories. He also shares why the distribution platform no longer matters. Continue reading

What’s Next for Content Marketing? You.

To succeed, marketers must step out of the shampoo-rinse-repeat cycle of chasing campaigns, and create value separate and distinct from the brand. As such, content marketers may be poised to become the change agents of this decade. Continue reading