By Joe Pulizzi published October 27, 2014

How I Missed On Every 2014 Content Marketing Prediction

50 content marketing predictions

Yes, it’s that time again.

This will be our seventh year putting together content marketing predictions. (For the record, you can also view what was forecast for 2009201020112012, 2013 and 2014.)

Before we take a look at my failed 2014 predictions, I’d love it if you could throw your hat into the ring and share your predictions for 2015.

Complete your 2015 prediction here!

We had over 50 predictions last year, and I’d love to see more this year.

Let’s take a look at my three predictions for 2014 and see if any came true.

1) Microsoft will buy one, maybe two, media companies in certain industries. The outcome of these moves will pave the way for further media purchases throughout the year by non-media companies.

— I’m going to count this one as 10% correct, since Microsoft purchased Mojang (maker of Minecraft) for $2.5 billion. Sure, Mojang is a computer software company, but I first experienced Minecraft as part of its annual event and trade show. Overall in 2014, Microsoft purchased six companies, but none were media companies. Maybe next year?

2) Red Bull will announce a series of daredevil movies to be produced by

— I’d like 50% credit on this one.  Red Bull will release the movie On Any Sunday, a motorcycle racing film detailing events from 1971, in November 2014. Amazon did NOT help produce or distribute the movie. Why should it? Red Bull can do that all by itself. It did, by the way, announce the official Red Bull station on Apple TV in January.

3) At least three Fortune 500 brands will hire a Chief Content Officer.

— No credit for this one.  I couldn’t find one. Try again next year, Joe.

I’m still mulling over my 2015 predictions, but I’m leaning toward these three. Thoughts?

  • I predict that we will see a surge in print magazines from brands in 2015. As most brands continue to focus heavily on digital, smart brands will realize that it is much easier to cut through the clutter by leveraging ‘the post’ – without much competition at all.
  • I predict that medium-sized and large businesses will begin to purchase niche media companies in 2015 because they thirst to create real relationships with targeted audiences. (Note that I had to widen this to companies outside Microsoft. Hopefully that will give me a better chance of being correct.)
  • I predict that we will begin to see well-known publishers and editors of B2B media franchises leave to be recruited by large B2B brands, with technology companies leading the way. We saw this recently as Qualcomm hired a USA Today editor to run its SPARK content program.

Let me know your 2015 predictions. Complete the form now. We’ll release all the predictions by early December.

Author: Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi is the Founder of Content Marketing Institute, a UBM company, the leading education and training organization for content marketing, which includes the largest in-person content marketing event in the world, Content Marketing World. Joe is the winner of the 2014 John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award from the Content Council. Joe’s the author of five books, including his latest, Killing Marketing. His third book, Epic Content Marketing was named one of “Five Must Read Business Books of 2013” by Fortune Magazine. If you ever see Joe in person, he’ll be wearing orange. Follow him on Twitter @JoePulizzi.

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  • NenadSenic

    Ha, the same thing you’re predicting for 2015, I predicted for 2013, I think. Well it was probably more wishful thinking that now it just may come true?! 🙂

    • Joe Pulizzi

      If you keep predicting the same thing every year, there are better odds it will eventually come true 😉

  • Stephen Williams

    Great stuff Joe. At least your honesty caught my attention. My takeaways are simple. 1) Buy a printing company NOW as the “price is right” 2) Even useless media companies will be worth something 3) As a CEO, my own net value increased if I decide to jump the shark

    • Joe Pulizzi

      Love #2. It would be interesting to test this one out.

  • Nick Ellis

    The print media prediction is a really interesting one, Joe.

    Lying in bed this very morning at god-knows-what-o’clock, willing my son to go back to sleep, I was thinking about how the magazine I used to work on some 14 years ago was a nigh-on perfect content marketing device (it was the Official UK PlayStation Magazine). Covered pretty much the entire buying process for both the PlayStation itself and the games you could play on it, thanks in part to a cover-mounted disc that featured playable demos of games.

    Of course none of us on the mag thought about it in terms of content marketing back then!

    Delivering a beautifully crafted bi-monthly mag through your customers’ letterboxes every month (and having it available for download, too, and repurposing all the articles for online) certainly seems like a sound tactic. But will anyone be brave enough to try it?

    • Joe Pulizzi

      Well Nick, we are…and we’ve seen some incredible results. Our print magazine has been going since 2011.

      • Nick Ellis

        Ha! Realised after I’d sent the comment that it was a pretty dumb thing to say, as contract publishing remains successful here in the UK. Some of the brand mags (e.g. Waitrose magazine) are thumping the commercial mags in the circulation figures.

        • Joe Pulizzi

          Last time I heard, seven of the top 10 newstand publications in the UK are custom magazines.

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  • Tommy Landry

    Your third prediction is especially intriguing. In many ways, it makes sense to hire the skillset and work to integrate them into a different culture. Thanks for allowing us to interject our own predictions as well – just added my two cents worth to the exercise.

  • Integraphix

    Joe, I tried very hard to help your #3 prediction become true. But I failed. I’ll stick to being an SEO specialist at my SEO firm in Chicago . It makes sense that someone would’ve done that, but oh well! Maybe 2015, Joe.

  • Guillaume Decugis

    So what do you predict next Joe so we can know what not to expect? 😉 More seriously, thanks for the honesty and keeping it real. As my fellow Frenchman Pierre Dac once said: “predictions are tough, especially the ones about the future.”

    Now, I’ll fill in the form but here’s my own take from what we’re seeing on our end at
    – I believe 2015 will be the year where SMBs embrace content marketing massively.
    – This will be made possible by ROI becoming much clearer and more direct (maybe we’ll start to measure CCPL, ie Content Cost Per Lead?).
    Of course, this might be my own bias as we’re focused on content curation which is one of the ways that make content marketing practical for SMBs – but we’ve seen accelerating adoption of our business features which are driven by ROI expectations.

    • Joe Pulizzi

      Excellent. Thanks for those!

  • Hemanth Malli

    wow that’s a great prediction i will be waiting for 2015 SEO predictions.

  • Brent Jones

    I think I need to jump in on making some 2015 predictions… seems like everyone is doing it!

  • Pamela Muldoon

    To expand on your #3 prediction, I think we will see a similar situation happen with talent from other media avenues, not just writing. Media professionals, both in front of cameras and microphones, as we will as behind he scenes, are becoming more available every year(aka laid off). There is ample opportunity to integrate these talents into a content marketing program as budgets expand and the need to tell stories across all mediums becomes important.

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  • Lee James

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