Archives for October 2014

How to Turn Your Customers Into Brand Fans: 3 Examples

We don’t focus enough energy on using content to turn customers into brand advocates. It’s the mecca of marketing: Your customers not only sell for you, but they communicate far more powerfully than any content your brand can create. Discover how three brands are doing it right and what you can do to start evangelism in your content marketing. Continue reading

11 Killer Tips to Leverage SlideShare’s Power in Your Visual Content Marketing

SlideShare generates more traffic from business owners than any other major social media platform, yet content marketers haven’t scratched the surface of its potential. Start today with these 11 killer tips to leverage your visual content marketing on SlideShare. Continue reading

Analyzing Human Data: Take a Dive to Find Out What Your Customers Really Feel

Plenty of companies track what people say about them online. Tallying brand mentions, though, won’t reveal what customers or prospects really think and feel. What if machine learning could help marketers know a person’s intent? Continue reading

How to Turn Research Into Content Marketing Strategy AND Tactics

Comparing your opinions to those of a larger interest group is intrinsically engaging — especially when the insights from the research are unexpected and/or entertaining. But even more than shock value, research helps you uncover your audience’s motivations, opinions, and pain points, and can be transformed into many different deliverables across your marketing channels. Continue reading

How I Missed On Every 2014 Content Marketing Prediction

See what content marketing predictions Joe Pulizzi made for 2014 that came true — and which didn’t. But, before you do, add your prediction for 2015. Continue reading

How to Adjust Your Content Strategy for Adaptive Content Personalization

In every sphere of business, consumers will benefit from the tailored or personalized experiences that adaptive content can facilitate. Following is a detailed breakdown of the key considerations for adjusting your strategy to accommodate adaptive content. Continue reading

The Sticky Note: A Stupid-Simple Approach to Better Content Marketing Brainstorms

Most group brainstorms fail to do anything but waste our time and our employers’ money. It’s not like we aren’t trying, but we keep ignoring the science behind idea generation. What does successful brainstorming need? Stacks of sticky notes and these seven steps. Continue reading

This Week in Content Marketing: Have We Ruined Storytelling?

This week, Robert and Joe ponder the ANA’s acquisition of the BMA, dig into the smart reasons Copyblogger is killing its Facebook page, explore the implications of yet another content agency mega-deal, and discuss “priceless” advice from MasterCard’s VP of global digital content. Raves include a fascinating Meet Me at Starbucks video and a timely reminder from the late management guru Peter Drucker about the current period of great transformation in our industry. The show wraps up with a #This Old Marketing example from Qualcomm Spark. Continue reading

Is Paid Advertising Worth It? B2B Content Marketers Share Their Insights

Did you know effective B2B marketers are using paid advertising more often than their less effective peers? You need to market your marketing. And while earned and owned media is quite prominent, learn more from what the experts on the B2B research roundtable have to say about why successful content marketers can’t ignore paid media. Continue reading

4 Ways to Break the Insanity of Content Marketing Competition

Are we, as content marketers, creative enough with our stories and our distribution options? Do we do the same things our competitors are doing? Are we just trying to tell the same story incrementally better? Shouldn’t we look to carve out something new? Learn four ways to break the insanity, and the first is to stop competing. Continue reading