By Joe Pulizzi published February 23, 2012

The Best Content Marketing Infographics on the Planet

Okay…I get it. Infographics are in.  Especially ones for content marketing and social media.

As I’ve been popping back and forth from Pinterest to Facebook to Twitter viewing them all, I thought it might be helpful to put the best content marketing infographics all in one place.  At the same time, I was wondering how long a blog post could actually get (this one sets my personal record for scrolling).

I hope you find this collection of infographics helpful…and, if you have other ones to add, please let me know in the comments.

The History of Content Marketing

 History of Content Marketing Infographic

Like this infographic? Get more
content marketing
information from the
Content Marketing Institute.

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic
Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.

The Anatomy of Content Marketing

The anatomy of content marketing - the heart of online success

The Content Marketing Explosion

Content Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising


Storytelling vs. Corporate Speak

Business Communication
The Hoffman Agency is a public relations firm that emphasizes storytelling in business communication.

The Content Grid


Content Marketing Challenges

Content Marketing Problems Image

Want more inspiration for making all your content marketing efforts a slam dunk? Check out the best-in-breed examples in our 2016 Content Marketing Playbook.

Author: Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi is the Founder of Content Marketing Institute, a UBM company, the leading education and training organization for content marketing, which includes the largest in-person content marketing event in the world, Content Marketing World. Joe is the winner of the 2014 John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award from the Content Council. Joe’s the author of five books, including his latest, Killing Marketing. His third book, Epic Content Marketing was named one of “Five Must Read Business Books of 2013” by Fortune Magazine. If you ever see Joe in person, he’ll be wearing orange. Follow him on Twitter @JoePulizzi.

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  • Andrew Neal Jenkins

    This is brilliant Joe! One infographic is good, eight that can be referenced anytime anywhere is awesome!


  • Daniel Kuperman

    Great compilation! Nice to see you were able to use some of the stories I had in my “A Brief History of Content Marketing” eBook. Good job!

    • Joe Pulizzi

      Absolutely Daniel…note we have you in the credits!

      Thanks again, and nice job!

  • Lee Frederiksen

    Great collection. It was well worth wearing out my mouse scrolling. Thanks for pulling it together…lwf

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  • Denyse Drummond-Dunn

    Fabulously interesting as well as entertaining and useful, thanks Joe.
    I’m an avid fan of Infographics and would love to learn how to make them; do you know how I can?

    • Joe Pulizzi

      Thanks Denyse. Plenty of good infographics developers. Check out Blue Glass, who did the one from Copyblogger.

      • Denyse Drummond-Dunn

        Thanks Joe, I will most definitely check them out.

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  • Romy Singh

    Hello Jeff,

    Nice collection of content marketing infographics Jeff. Thank for sharing it with us…

    The one that stands out is “22 ways to cook content ideas by copyblogger.” Getting ideas for your upcoming post is really a big problem and this infographic can become a very good solution for that so that for sharing it…

  • Tom Malcolm

    I don’t get the whole infographics wave.
    Sure, there’s a lot of info in infographics, but I don’t like them.

    They are too “busy”, crowded, overwhelming, un-elegant. (is that a word?)

    They seem like they are screaming at me.

    I suppose one could make them less loud.


  • Jim Bath

    Yes..I’ve been seeing these “infographics” everywhere.. they remind me of old school posters in the science lab or history department. To be honest I can’t see why they’re so popular! They’re not exactly web-friendly, are they?

    • Joe Pulizzi

      They are definitely Pinterest friendly. Infographics now have a new home. Go figure.

  • James Hart

    The reality is that creating great content is so much harder than the infographics suggest. And simply becuase you have great content is not a sure fire way of generating traffic. That content really has to be worked very hard

  • Simon

    Amazing collection. I am a great fan of infographics and find them an excellent tool especially when preparing Social Media Marketing courses.

    Thanks so much for featuring this gems!

  • Nick Stamoulis

    There are a few here that I hadn’t seen yet. Thanks for putting them all together. Infographics are great because they provide people with quick information in a visually appealing format. However, just because they look “simple” a lot of work goes into making one. An infographic that is just thrown together is easy to spot and not worth the time it takes to make it.

  • Bobby Ray Burns

    I LOVE them!!! I am partial to graphics – bold graphics especially – and I believe there is great power in combining the visual components with copy. Granted, they are not a great fit for every channel or medium, but they are so cool. I wanna do that! 🙂

  • Becca

    Infographics is much more easy to understand the topics. It clearly explain the points of every topics.
    I enjoy your infographics. thanks for the share.

  • Rob Schneider

    It’s hard for me to believe that the majority of marketers believe that blogging and article marketing are ineffective. I suspect, though, that they are that same majority of marketers who try to save money by using article spinning programs and cheap writers whose first language is something other than English. After struggling for a couple of years, I have finally found clients who see the value of well written content. Their success has been proof enough for them.

    I have three little sites. Each of them receives traffic in direct proportion to the amount of content I create. Of course, keywords, strategic content distribution and other factors play their role, but as far as I’m concerned, content is still king.

  • Glenn Schmelzle

    Wow – what an array of arguments for Content Marketing. Love it!

  • Patricia

    This is truly awesome Joe! I was actually inspired by this post to start creating my own content marketing infographics. So here is my first one (first of many, that is!). It’s not nearly as sophisticated as the ones you have here, but you’ll get the point.


  • Sunita Biddu

    Brilliant collections. Wondering I found it late but gad it’s with me 🙂 

  • Julian Karstel

    Awesome! I salute you for making my life a little easier.

  • Brightlabs

    Hi Joe, let us know if our infographic makes the mark –

  • ankya7

    Awesome article. I work for a mid size inside sales company ( ) . I plan to create some awesome infographics . Little research helped me to know some great infographics making tool and your articles gave me some awesome designs . Thanks for putting them together.

  • jay

    Where could I hire someone to help me with the infographics