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Tablet Content Marketing: Crazy Stats and Time to Move

Apple iPad SalesIf you are not up on the latest statistics on the tablet, here are some to chew on:

Tablet: The Curl-Up Device

Historically in marketing, we have talked about print being a “lean-back” technology (I want to learn and take it all in), while computers are “lean-forward” technology (I’m searching for something).

In reading Jason Calacanis‘ newsletter last week, him and his team came up with an interesting way to relate to tablet behavior. They called it “curl-up” technology. So true.

For example, I was on a plane yesterday where every person around me (and I mean EVERY person) had an iPad. Some were watching movies.  Others playing games or Apps.  Others reading.  One was listening to music. In almost all cases, they really were “curling up” with the device, almost like you would relaxing to a great book.

Taking Action

In looking at our web stats for the Content Marketing Institute, our readers are now accessing our site via tablet and smartphone almost 5 times more than they were just a year earlier. While just 10% of our total readership, we expect this stat to be approximately 25% next year.

We don’t know the answers yet, but things we are thinking about include:

  • All our content must naturally work on the tablet device.
  • We are not nearly doing enough in video content. Video from 15 seconds to two minutes is going to be critical from here on out.
  • Textual and video integration with Kindle and iPad is right now.  Google’s Zero Moment of Truth integration with their Kindle for iPad version shows you a simple method of what we all should strive for.
  • Is there an audio play here?
  • How can we take one story and develop that story out into multiple formats and channels, telling the same engaging story in the multiple ways our readers want it?  Do we have to?
What questions are you struggling with? The only thing we are sure of is this…now is the time.

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