By Thomas Clifford published June 17, 2010 Est Read Time: 3 min

How New Bloggers Can Easily Craft Remarkable About Pages

Is it possible that a tour guide can teach you a thing or two about your “About” page?

Yessiree, it certainly is possible.

How so?

A remarkable tour guide has three distinct qualities:

  1. A unique personality
  2. Interesting stories to tell
  3. The ability to set objectives

And, yes, the same concept applies to your “About” page.

Your “About” page should highlight your distinct personality, share a quick story or two about yourself and what readers can expect in the future from your updates. Let’s take one thing at a time, shall we?

What is an About page?

An About page is one page that tells readers a little bit about yourself and the topics you’ll be covering on your blog.

While your posts give readers new information and insights, your About page gives readers meaning and context. Meaning and context wrapped around information and insights give visitors the frame of reference they need to determine if your blog is for them or not.

Why is my About page so important?

Your About page is important for two reasons:

  1. Your About page will be one of the most frequently visited pages on your blog. That means lots of eyeballs will see it.
  2. New readers will want to know who is behind the blog before committing and giving their time to you.

You might think your About page doesn’t matter. In the eyes of new visitors, however, your About page may be your single biggest secret to convert one-time visitors into regular readers.

What questions do I need to answer on my About page?

When writing your About page, focus on these three questions new visitors will want answered:

  • Who are you?
  • Should they invest time with you?
  • Can they trust you?

These are the questions that are buzzing around your reader’s mind. As a new blogger, it’s tempting to spend lots of time composing new posts for your blog. Composing new posts for your blog is important– but only after you have written your About page.

How do you tackle these three questions? That’s the job of the three characteristics.

What are three characteristics of a remarkable About page?

Remarkable About pages:

  • Shine with personality
  • Provide a backstory
  • Set objectives

As we’ve seen with remarkable tour guides, these three characteristics will turn your typical, boring About page into a story that captives the attention of new visitors.

What if I don’t know what my personality is just yet?

There’s an easy solution to this little bug-a-boo of a problem.

Draft your About page and share it with three people who know you well. Get their feedback and revise it so you feel it clearly expresses yourself and your blog’s goals.

Don’t let perfectionism stop you. Get it 70% done and go for it. You can always revise it later on.

What are some examples of effective About pages?

Here are three examples of About pages that I think work well:

Are they different from each other? You bet they are. That’s exactly what makes them stand out. New visitors feel welcomed and informed; they may even feel an affinity towards you.

The takeaway:

  • Show your personality.
  • Share your backstory how you came to be a blogger.
  • Tell your readers what they can expect in the future.

You may not know always know it, but your readers will thank you for being their remarkable blog tour guide.

Over to you. What else do you think makes an About page really sing? What other ingredients would you add? Drop a note in the comments.

Author: Thomas Clifford

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