7 Ways to Generate Blog Content Ideas Using Web Analytics Insight

Users tell us what they like every time they visit our websites. We just have to stop and listen. Web analytics is a great resource for evaluating user needs. Here are a number of ways web analytics can help you discover what content topics your readers care about. Continue reading

6 “Start-Me-Up” Tips for Novice Content Marketers

The concept of content marketing can be overwhelming for a start-up business owner. Where do you get ideas? And how do you find the time to do it between sales meetings, investor meetings, client meetings and (hopefully) sleep? To help you gain the confidence you need, here are six tips for novices. Continue reading

How to Use Opinions to Create Powerful Content

Informed opinion from qualified people has value in our society. Opinion-oriented content can be engaging, effective and can help collect eyeballs. Here are the essentials for using opinions effectively to create powerful content. Continue reading

Great Content Marketing Ideas for Using Google Plus

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4 Ways to Tell if You’re Getting the Right Visitors to Your Business Blog

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Are Your Content Registration Forms an Entry Point or a Barrier?

Most prospects want to keep vendors at arm’s length until they are fairly far along in their buying decision process. So marketers need to keep in mind that content registration forms can be a barrier and decide strategically when it’s appropriate to ask for contact details — and how much information to request. Here are the essentials. Continue reading

How to Use Sound Reputation Management to Respond to Negative Feedback

If someone posts a negative comment about your business, do not strike back right away in anger. Take a deep breath. Take time to consider the situation. Then use these suggestions to assess the damage and repair you reputation, if necessary. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know about Using Title Tags in Content Marketing

Title tags are the most important onsite ingredients for SEO because they explain to Google and other search engines what each page is about. They contain a small mass, but pack a big punch. Here are the essentials on how title tags work and how you can best use them to get results for your content. Continue reading

Content Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Content marketing and social media marketing obviously overlap in many ways, but they are two distinct entities, with different focal points, goals and processes. Here is a closer look at these two interrelated parts of marketing’s ongoing evolution and their practice. Continue reading

How 3 Content Levels Can Make for Better Content Planning

Once you determine what kind of content your audience wants, you need to focus on presentation and delivery. Here’s how organizing your content into three levels can make better content planning an understandable and achievable goal. Continue reading