3 Keys to More Compelling Case Studies

According to CMI’s B2B Content Marketing 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Report, 70 percent of B2B marketers find case studies to be an effective content marketing tool. That’s because they can increase customer confidence in your organization, educate prospects on how to solve their challenges, and provide social proof that your solutions are valuable.

However, many marketers often put case studies on the back burner while they pursue sexier marketing strategies. Putting off your case study development isn’t a good idea, because you may find yourself with new products or services and not enough proof that they provide ROI.

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5 Tips for Creating Customer Testimonial Podcasts

Capturing the voice of the customer is critical for producing an engaging customer reference, whether it becomes a full-blown case study or is incorporated into a press release, solution brief, or other type of marketing collateral. Collecting quotable material almost always involves an interview, either in person or conducted by phone and recorded to accurately capture the customer’s words.

This customer interview provides a key opportunity that many organizations overlook: The recorded audio can be repurposed for a podcast. Why produce a written document alone when you can provide direct access to the customer’s unique voice? For many prospects, actually hearing real customers endorse a product or service can be very convincing. Podcasts can supplement case studies and product web pages, provide multimedia content for interactive eBooks and conference presentations, and can even be incorporated into a series offered to subscribers over iTunes or other online distribution services.

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Content Marketing Strategies of the 7 Media Giants

Believe it or not, we have all been swayed by some almost-invisible forces of content marketing, and we may not even have realized it. But once you do realize how it’s being used all around you, you’ll really see how powerful content marketing really is!

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Checklist: The 4 Key Qualities of Effective Content

Over the last few years there have been some excellent examples of content marketing that have helped brands position themselves as experts in their field, and they have enjoyed direct business benefits as a result. Yet there are also accounts of campaigns that have swallowed up budget without producing real results.

The reason that some succeed and some fail is that, to be effective, content has to be more than just good: it must be compelling, fulfilling, convenient and efficient. I believe good content needs these four characteristics, so I offer this quick guide as a checklist to content marketers to ensure your content works for you.Continue Reading

How Ringo Starr Can Help You Create Rockin’ Blog Content

As a blogger, do you know you face the same challenge Ringo Starr faces every time he decides to tour?

Ringo always needs more content for his shows.
And you always need more content for your blog.

Sure, Ringo had a few hits. But does he have enough hits for an entire show?
Um, no.

So what does he do?
Ringo adds new songs to his existing songs by calling in other rock stars.

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How to Become an Effective Podcaster Using the Interview Format

Podcasting may not be as popular (or sexy) as video, but it’s proven to be a medium that can effectively reach a targeted audience. As content marketers, we all have the common goal of connecting with our target audience. Most of us also seek to find ways to differentiate from our competitors. Podcasting can be a big differentiator in your content strategy.

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