7 Ways to Launch White Papers with a Bang

Publishing a new white paper is a lot like publishing a new book — you need to do a lot of marketing ahead of time. Marketing beforehand can help create a lot of buzz and get people to line up to read it as soon as it is published.

But unlike marketing a book, you don’t have to market your white paper for months before you publish. If you start your marketing push a week or two before you plan to publish, you should have plenty of time to generate excitement and prepare to engage your readers.
The tips below will help you prepare for the big launch:

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Are Your Content Registration Forms an Entry Point or a Barrier?

Content registration is sometimes considered a no-brainer in the content generation and distribution process: Write a white paper, eBook, or other content asset, put up a landing page and reg form, and you’re off, right? The problem is that registration can create friction in the lead generation and nurturing process. Marketers need to strategically decide when it’s appropriate to ask for contact details in exchange for content — and how much information to request.

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The Essential Playbook for Winning the Content Marketing Super Bowl

Ah, the sounds of padded bodies colliding; the tension of “third and long;” the pain of the untimely turnover. At this time of year, football rules.

After 16 games and a January jammed with nail-biting playoff battles, two teams remain to face off in the biggest brouhaha in all of sport. Behold the undefeated ruler of the media universe: the Super Bowl.

What does this have to do with content marketing?

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Content Marketing Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss: Best from CMI 2011

Regardless of how long you have been doing content marketing, you’re probably always on the lookout for ideas on what kind of content to produce or how to improve the efficiency of what you are doing.

If this describes you, check out some of these popular posts with both general ideas and specific examples.

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Content Marketing Basics: The Best from CMI 2011

Even though 90 percent of marketers are using content marketing, there is still a lot of confusion about what content marketing is and how to get started.

From a definition of just what content marketing is (and is not) to effective content strategy and useful templates, here are some indispensable CMI posts from 2011 to help you clear the confusion and get your content marketing started on a solid, informed foundation.Continue Reading

Content Marketers: Leverage Those Relationships!

One of the thousands of things we learned at Content Marketing World is that people still want (or you could even say need) in-person events. The event itself took the efforts of 100 people, from the staff to speakers to the event team and sponsors. The response from so many of you on the success of the event has been  overwhelming and has prompted many questions on how we managed to put it all together.

One specific question that kept coming up was, “How did you get the word out there?”  Well, I can tell you, a great deal of our success can be attributed to the content produced on the Content Marketing Institute, as well as on Joe Pulizzi’s blog, CCO magazine, and on our social media platforms. But the biggest asset we had was recognizing how important it was to leverage our relationships.Continue Reading

13 Content Options to Support Purchases

Is your marketing organization on the fence about using content marketing? If so, consider recent research from Cone Inc., which shows that across formats consumers are increasingly going online to find content that will help them make purchase decisions.

While Cone Inc.’s research highlights that consumers continue to turn to ratings and reviews and that blogs have gained customer interest, the reality is content marketing can support every step of the purchase process. If you don’t provide useful content, your competitors, other consumers, and the public will.

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Content Marketing Playbook 2011 – 42 Ways to Connect with Customers [free eBook]

After months of work, the Content Marketing Playbook is finished. A big thanks to Jonathan Kranz, who worked with me to put this together, and our sponsors PR Newswire and Eloqua for making this possible.

What is the Content Marketing Playbook?

Content Marketing PlaybookThis year’s Playbook consists of 42 different content marketing tactics, all ranked in popularity by the CMI community.  The top 10 include:Continue Reading

23 Ways to Leverage a Blog Post for Content Marketing Success

The biggest challenge B2B marketers face is producing engaging content (36%), a Content Marketing Institute survey of 1,100 marketers revealed.  One way to address this challenge is to plan obsolescence in your content marketing strategy, a tactic recently explained by Joe Chernov from Eloqua. Today, I want to share another option with you:  Leveraging your content.

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4 Steps to Publish an E-Book: Tap into Your Existing Articles

Has this ever happened to you?

You run around looking for your car keys.
You could’ve sworn you just saw them right there on the counter.
But now they’re gone.

Then you hear that familiar jingle.
You slide your hand into your pocket.

Your keys were right under your nose the whole time.
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