5 Critical Content Marketing Tactics to Consider Now

Change has been on my mind a lot recently.

Often times good, but almost always painful, CMI is going through some positive change right now.  We’ve had the privilege of working with Jay Baer (part of our content marketing consulting group) and his team to help shore up our overall strategy.  Normally, this type of audit is what we help larger organizations with, but we (the CMI staff) all agreed it was important to get an outside perspective on something so critical to our business.

As part of the audit and setting new goals, we are focusing a number of key areas where we want to improve.  Here are five key content marketing tactics that are really standing out for us, and possibly for you as well.Continue Reading

Check out the Content Marketing Playbook – a free eBook Experiment

After months of work, Junta42′s Content Marketing Playbook is complete.

What is it? - 42 ways to tell and share your business story through content. The examples include long-form, short-form, social media, online, print and in-person initiatives.  We’ve also included over 50 mini-case studies and well over 100 resources relevant to each content marketing tactic.

The goal – to create an ongoing content marketing resource for marketing and publishing professionals. In return, we’re looking for more people to use Junta42′s free vendor-matching service.  Some people won’t be ready for that, so we’re hoping they just spread the word.

The style – big thanks to Brian Clark and Authority Rules. We borrowed his eBook distribution idea (ungated PDF plus every page accessible via html). Brian, I hope you don’t mind (so we plugged you throughout the eBook). Also a hat tip to David Meerman Scott, who convinced me to try my next eBook without forcing people to subscribe.  It will be interesting to measure the difference between gated an ungated.

Special thanks – goes to Hanley Wood Marketing, who kindly agreed to sponsor the Playbook. Also big thanks to my writing partner Jonathan Kranz, as well as Joe Kalinowski (design) and Beth Brinton (web).

What you can do – Check out the playbook. If you see something that should be added, shoot it to us at add[at]junta42.com. If you like it, spread it around and let’s see what happens.

Let me know what you think…and as always, enjoy the content marketing!