Mitch Joel on Blogging, the Art of Podcasting and the Next Big Thing [Interview]

An interview with Mitch Joel—a founding father of blogging and president of Twist Image—about the art of the podcast and what ‘screen’ marketers should keep their eyes on.

Joe Pulizzi: You’re an incredibly prolific blogger for Twist Image. Do you single-handedly write it all?

Mitch Joel: It is 100 percent human me. No one touches it but me.

J: What made you begin blogging and how do you keep up with the pace?

M: My background is in music magazine publishing. Prior to that, I was a music writer. I loved writing about things that were of interest to me. Back in 2002, I was wondering how Twist Image could get its message out there. At that point blogging was just coming into popularity and I thought, “This is unbelievable. I don’t need an editor. I don’t need permission. I don’t need a printer. I can just put my thoughts down and share them.”Continue Reading

Two Cool Tools to Help Brands Extend Marketing Reach

The number of niche media sites — whether mommy blogs or car discussion forums — is growing at a staggering rate. Until recently, a brand wanting to reach one of these communities had two choices: work with an ad network for immediate reach or individually with blogs using “sponsored-content” posts.

Two technology start-ups are aiming to make the connection easier.Continue Reading

7 Ways to Launch White Papers with a Bang

Publishing a new white paper is a lot like publishing a new book — you need to do a lot of marketing ahead of time. Marketing beforehand can help create a lot of buzz and get people to line up to read it as soon as it is published.

But unlike marketing a book, you don’t have to market your white paper for months before you publish. If you start your marketing push a week or two before you plan to publish, you should have plenty of time to generate excitement and prepare to engage your readers.
The tips below will help you prepare for the big launch:

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How You Can Enjoy the Benefits of Increasing Your Blogging Output

This is a story of a CEO who discovered the benefits of everyday blogging.

Let’s start in the dim and distant past: In 2006, I started my blog. Five years later I really felt bad about not updating it regularly. Luckily, late last year I started to write again. I felt like I really had a lot to talk about, and wanted to share my views with my readers. Moreover, as the CEO of a company that focuses on making blogging easier, I missed that feeling of joy I get when writing.

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Ready, Set, Write: The Ultimate Guide to Blogging

Blogging is one of the most important content marketing activities your company should embrace. But for various reasons, many companies are hesitant to do so.  Why? Budgets? Fear of the workload? Lack of content strategy or brand voice? All of the above?

But alas! It must be done. Why?

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The Content Match Game: Tips for Better Content Alignment Throughout the Buying Cycle

You’ve heard the mantra before: Content marketing works best when it’s delivered to the right target, at the right time, using the right message to drive interest and sales. But the key question is how do you tell if you are providing value every step of the way or are just throwing everything out there and hoping your information will reach consumers at the right moment?

Yes, content works well when it comes to driving consumer demand. And, in turn, existing demand can create an ideal opportunity to deliver valuable, informative content. Yet marketers don’t always recognize how holistically these two marketing functions are linked to each other and to the various stages in the customer’s buying process — an oversight that needlessly complicates the job of any marketer.

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7 Ways to Generate Blog Content Ideas Using Web Analytics Insight

Writer’s block. Believe me, I’ve been there. Coming up with new blog post topics is tough. After years of blogging, it’s easy to feel as though you’ve written all there is to write about. Wouldn’t it be nice if our readers told us what they’d like to read? Well, actually they do.

Web analytics is often the go-to resource for measuring content quality and understanding user behavior. But it’s also a great resource for evaluating user needs, including the content that users find desirable and valuable. It fact, users tell us what they like every time they visit our website. We just have to stop and listen.

Here are a number of ways web analytics can help you discover what content topics your readers care about.

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6 “Start-Me-Up” Tips for Novice Content Marketers

The concept of content marketing can be an overwhelming notion for any start-up business owner. Where does content come from? Who does it? How do I find time between sales meetings, investor meetings, client meetings (and sleep) to do it?

You can. In fact, you probably already are. But to help you gain the confidence you need to become a content marketing superstar, here are six tips just for you newbies:

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Bicycles, Cocktails & Propaganda: A Conversation about Content Marketing

Rick Vosper

It’s all about the Conversation, Rick Vosper will tell you.  And he’s in a position to know: He cultivated a conversation about biking into a highly creative and successful way to conquer a very specific market.  My own conversation with Rick, an eloquent and passionate spokesman for content marketing, ranged from propaganda to cocktail parties.  But it started with bicycles.Continue Reading

Modifying the Rules of PR to Reach Bloggers

As a practical matter, many B2B content marketers approach ‘influencers’—including bloggers, analysts and journalists—as though they are essentially the same. In fact, those audiences are totally distinct from one another, and bloggers in particular require a unique approach.Continue Reading