Content Collaboration Tools: An Analysis of 13 Technology Solutions in a Disruptive Marketplace

A Special Content Marketing Institute Technology Report

Download our 49-page guide detailing 13 technology solutions for powering content marketing

Author: Robert Rose, Chief Strategist, Content Marketing Institute

Looking for a way to produce content at a higher velocity? Heard about some of the new collaboration tools out there, but not sure where to start in terms of evaluating potential solutions?

Robert Rose, chief strategist at Content Marketing Institute, recently conducted briefings with 13 vendors in this space and presents his findings in this report.

Designed to help you see what each vendor offers – so that you can discover the best solution for your specific needs – the report covers both types of content collaboration tools presently available on the market:

  • Writer Network Collaboration Solutions, which help organizations source and produce content using outsourced freelance networks
  • Content Editorial and Workflow Solutions, which help teams manage the new, more editorial-like processes of the marketing department

These tools are new and evolving, so it can be tough to understand which one is best for your particular needs. This guide helps you learn more about the offerings from:

  • Compendium
  • Contently
  • DivvyHQ
  • Ebyline
  • GatherContent
  • InboundWriter
  • Kapost
  • Scripted
  • Servio
  • Skyword
  • Textbroker
  • WriterAccess
  • Zerys

Each vendor profile provides a summary of the company’s offering, and highlights:

  • Problems the platform is designed to solve
  • Target market and pricing
  • How to work with the platform
  • The company’s origins and future directions

Note: Nothing in the profiles should be read as a tacit endorsement or particularly pointed critique of a particular solution. Rather, our aim is to provide unbiased examination of the tools without making any particular judgment as to their overall value – while saving you time and increasing your confidence as you evaluate these vendors.

An analysis of 13 technology solutions in a disruptive market place



“The content marketing environment is evolving so quickly that it’s hard for marketers to know what technology is available, understand why they should consider it, as well as what the tools can help them accomplish. Robert Rose and CMI have done a great job of wrangling the technology that’s coming of age for content marketing to give us an intelligent approach.” — Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing Strategist and author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale

“In my years as a digital media strategist and practitioner, content collaboration has always been an important aspect of the content marketing approach. This guide is extraordinarily valuable, since it lays out the major players in the content collaboration landscape, and lets the reader evaluate them side-by-side, easily. It will certainly be a useful tool going forward.” —Alan Belniak, Content Marketing Professional