By Robert Rose published July 20, 2017

The Age of the Wisdom Worker Is (Still) Just Ahead

age-of-wisdom-worker-aheadAlmost 60 years ago, Peter Drucker coined the term “knowledge workers,” saying that a new generation of professionals and their productivity would become “the most valuable assets of a 21st-century institution, whether business or non-business.” Unlike the previous century’s most valuable assets – production equipment – this century’s assets would be human, he said. Institutions would value knowledge workers not for their ability to run equipment but for their ability to analyze information and apply their expertise.

Twelve years ago, in his book A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, Daniel Pink discussed the evolution of the age of the knowledge worker. He said tomorrow’s professionals would need to become adept at storytelling, a skill that requires “high concept” aptitudes. They would need “the capacity to detect patterns and opportunities, to create artistic and emotional beauty, to craft a satisfying narrative, and to combine seemingly unrelated ideas into something new … to stretch beyond the quotidian in pursuit of purpose and meaning.”Continue Reading

By Joe Pulizzi published July 19, 2017

Ditch the Term ‘Content Marketing’ … Unless You’re Talking to Marketers

ditch-term-content-marketingNote: This article is totally inside baseball. It will not help you at all in creating better or more customers, so if you skip it, no worries on my end.

In a long line of past articles, this one popped into my Twitter feed a few weeks back. For almost 10 years now, I’ve seen hundreds like it. But here we are, again, talking about why “content marketing” is a terrible term for the approach of creating valuable and compelling information over time to maintain or change an audience behavior.

Let’s talk about it.

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