Integrated Marketing For Dummies [eBook]

Wiley_Integrated Marketing For Dummies_covereBuilding a successful integrated marketing campaign isn’t easy. It means combining a variety of marketing theories, many with separate goals and objectives, into one unified strategy. This strategy must help with everything from increasing brand awareness and trust with prospects to nurturing potential customers to purchase. At Dummies, we know that building this type of campaign can be complicated and time consuming, so we’re here to help.

Download our newest eBook, Integrated Marketing For Dummies, and learn how you can bring your various marketing efforts together into one cohesive campaign. In this guide, you get step-by-step instructions and activities to help you:

  • Establish your target audience
  • Determine goals and metrics for your campaign
  • Identify the appropriate channels for your campaign and develop strategies for each
  • Develop a content strategy
  • Build your integrated strategy
  • Measure and optimizing your campaign for better performance


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