Digital Governance: A Primer for Content Marketers [eBook]


Do you ever feel confused about which members of your digital-content team should make what decisions and when?

Do you wish that your organization had a better process for maintaining its old content so that customers were more likely to discover only content that’s relevant, up-to-date, and useful?

If so, you need digital governance.

Download this 20+-page guide based on advice Lisa Welchman shared during her top-rated presentation at Intelligent Content Conference 2015. Learn how to get started with digital governance and get a step-by-step process for designing how your team operates so it can scale effectively in the decades to come.  You will also be subscribing to our weekly Content Strategy for Marketers email newsletter delivered every Saturday. Each newsletter includes an exclusive article from CMI Chief Strategy Officer Robert Rose, who is at the forefront of the content strategy for marketers movement. This subscription also includes promotional emails as well as messages from third-party sponsors.