By Dan Sullivan published June 26, 2014

How Facebook Fans Can Inform Your Content Marketing Strategies

It’s easy to get lost in the aggregate data Facebook provides. It’s useful, but it tells how your content performed, not why it performed that way. Brand marketers should dig into the “why” for deeper insights. Find out more about how your Facebook fans can inform your content marketing strategies. Continue reading

By Lee Odden published June 22, 2014

Why Your Online Content Needs Both Social and Search Optimization

While many marketers will debate what comes first (content vs. social media vs. SEO) the most practical approach is to use the tactics necessary for your target audience in order to “be the best answer” wherever customers are looking. Find out more about how to integrate search and social for more effective online content. Continue reading

By Cathy McPhillips published June 20, 2014

How to Build Social Media Into Your Content Marketing Processes

In this fourth installment of CMI’s Back to Basics series, we outline the basics of developing a content plan for social media, and will also share key elements of CMI’s plan as a working example. Find out how to build social media into your organization’s content marketing processes. Continue reading

By Jonathan Crossfield published June 15, 2014

How Automating Your Social Media Content Can Hurt Your Brand

I have a rule. Actually, I have many rules, but the rule that’s relevant to this column is about Twitter, and although it may seem arbitrary, it’s about maintaining certain standards for social media content. Think we can’t tell when your tweets or updates are automated? Oh yes we can. Knock it off and learn how to avoid automation mistakes in your social media. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published June 14, 2014

How Facebook is Becoming a Pay-to-Play Platform

In this episode, Robert and I discuss the latest findings straight out of Facebook: Organic reach on the platform is now less than 2%. Facebook is becoming a pure pay-to-play platform in many cases. We also discuss how much data you actually need for your content marketing strategy. The final news article provides a cross section of a record month for magazine launches with a shuttering of a dozen tried-and-true niche magazines. This week’s #ThisOldMarketing example: The Fresh Fork Market Almanac. Continue reading

By Britt Klontz published May 11, 2014

How to Keep Facebook Viable as a Content Marketing Platform

Despite recent changes, Facebook pages can still thrive, but only if your fans are engaged and active. Rather than focusing on shallow tactics, effective Facebook business pages delve deep to become rich platforms that fans won’t be able to help commenting on and sharing. Find out more about how to keep Facebook viable as a content marketing platform. Continue reading

By Tom Fishburne published May 9, 2014

Resist the Temptations of New Social Media Content Channels

It hasn’t been obvious how brands can use Snapchat, because the one-to-one messaging and pictures self-destruct after just a few seconds. Find out why you should resist the temptations of new social media content channels until you’re sure your audience uses them and your content is a good fit. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published May 3, 2014

Content Marketing Momentum Picks Up on Rapidly Evolving Online Channels

In this episode of This Old Marketing, Robert and Joe debate whether or not Google+ is closing its doors, come to grips with the fact that consumers now use the web more than watching television, explore LinkedIn’s latest move to accommodate branded content, and speculate on potential acquisitions that could further the publisher’s goals. Listen in. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published April 26, 2014

The Relentless Evolution of Content Marketing

In this episode of PNR, Robert and Joe review some recent changes to Google Analytics, and then get into a deep discussion on the future of Facebook for content marketers. They also discuss agencies building out newsrooms, new CMI research on B2B enterprise content marketing, and why social media fading into wallpaper might just be a good thing. Listen in. Continue reading

By Buddy Scalera published April 25, 2014

What Keeps Brilliant Visual Content From Being Shared

Visual content like infographics can rocket your business to the top of the social food chain — but only if it’s supported by the right strategy that optimizes its sharing potential. Here, we take a look at why a deeply moving story failed to rise to the top of the social sea. Continue reading