By Arnie Kuenn published December 18, 2014

10 Most Common SEO Pitfalls

When your audience searches, you want your brand to be a top site on their results page. Yet, too many businesses experience SEO pitfalls – fortunately, you can learn to correct these mistakes and boost your ranking and page traffic. Continue reading

By Tracy Gold published November 24, 2014

The Ultimate SEO Checklist: 15 Steps to Optimize Your Content Marketing Plan

SEO should be a lynchpin in any content marketing plan; but with search engines updating algorithms so frequently, how can a mortal content marketer keep up? Check out this SEO checklist to make sure you’re set up for success. Continue reading

By Pamela Muldoon published November 18, 2014

Content Marketing NEXT: How to Get a Greater Return on Your Content

In this episode of Content Marketing NEXT, Andy Crestodina, co-founder of Orbit Media Studios and standing-room only speaker at CMW, talks what’s new, what’s now, and what’s next, and shares what buzzword he would like to see blasted. Continue reading

By Ann Gynn published November 10, 2014

Don’t Make These 9 Common SEO Mistakes

If the primary goal of your content is to boost SEO, you need to create your content differently than if you wanted to increase the number of shares on social. Learn how to avoid nine common search mistakes in your content, and truly optimize your search engine results. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published September 6, 2014

This Week in Content Marketing: Authorship Is Dead, Journalism Isn’t

In this episode, Robert and Joe talk about the excitement building for next week’s Content Marketing World conference, speculate about why Google killed its Authorship initiative, and praise changes made at The Washington Post since Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bought it a year ago. Rants and raves include an iPhone app that may represent a powerful new ecommerce model, upscale moves by Denny’s, and the greatly exaggerated “death” of journalism. Continue reading

By Ray Wang published August 13, 2014

5 Optimization Tips for Auditing Online Content

Increased brand awareness is one of the major goals of content marketing. Marketers often use online content as a way to attract organic traffic, gain social shares, and increase direct traffic. Make sure your content is up to the task. Get 5 optimization tips for auditing online content. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published July 12, 2014

Content Marketing: Clearing the Rumors, Half-Truths, and Misinterpretations

In this episode, Robert and Joe discuss how content marketing is hitting the big time at Harvard Business Review. In addition, they chat about media agencies getting into the content production business, explain why email is far from dead, and then touch on a handful of research posts that are readily made fun of. Their weekly rants and raves include a great case study from Newcastle Brown. Continue reading

By Paul Shapiro published July 10, 2014

Wake a Sleeping Giant for Content Marketing SEO: Your Employees

Use these strategies to boost content marketing SEO and link building for your company with something you already have in-house — your employees. The social media marketing world already has a set of systems and web applications to assist with the process of utilizing employee resources. Find out more about how that works, and how it might pertain to SEO. Continue reading

By Michele Linn published June 27, 2014

The Basics of SEO for Successful Content Marketing

In this fifth installment of our Back to Basics content marketing series, we tackle the basics of SEO — the core principles and key considerations you should be aware of in order to produce the most successful content marketing possible. Get the essentials on SEO. Continue reading

By Lee Odden published June 22, 2014

Why Your Online Content Needs Both Social and Search Optimization

While many marketers will debate what comes first (content vs. social media vs. SEO) the most practical approach is to use the tactics necessary for your target audience in order to “be the best answer” wherever customers are looking. Find out more about how to integrate search and social for more effective online content. Continue reading