By Neil Patel published February 2, 2016

Convert Your Content Into Slides to Increase Website Traffic

Are you using one of the most powerful methods for content marketing success? Converting your content into slides could double or triple your traffic with only half the work. Here’s more about why you should care and how to do it. Continue reading

By Mike Murray published February 1, 2016

Big B2B and B2C Companies: Fix SEO and Content Marketing Strategies [Study]

In this new research, you’ll discover the biggest SEO mistakes that Fortune 100 companies are making that push them off the first search results page. Then learn five steps to improve SEO visibility for your own brand’s site. Continue reading

By Alex Chris published January 6, 2016

How to Improve Your Page Ranking for a Specific Keyword

How can you guide Google to improve a page ranking for the keywords that you want? Make sure it receives the right SEO signals. Learn how to optimize for a keyword and improve the page ranking and avoid over-optimization mistakes. Continue reading

By Neil Patel published January 4, 2016

The Ultimate Science-Backed Method for Creating Content That Readers Love

Want to make readers love your content? There’s a formula for it – an exact mathematical equation that defines lovable content. To be more precise, the formula is for readable content. But that’s almost the same as content that’s loved.
Continue reading

By Jodi Harris published January 3, 2016

2016 Content Marketing Toolkit: 23 Checklists, Templates, and Guides

Achieving greater success with content marketing takes dedication, determination, and an enterprise-wide view of every piece of content. This DIY toolkit of checklists, templates, and resources can help make that more manageable.
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By Mike Wood published December 1, 2015

How to Do Backlinks in Wikipedia the Right Way

If you don’t add links correctly to Wikipedia, your backlink strategy could get your domain on spam lists and banned from the site. Learn these best practices to find success in the world’s largest community-created encyclopedia. Continue reading

By Daniel Hochuli published November 23, 2015

Search vs. Social Media: How Audience ‘Intent’ Can Affect Content Marketing Performance

Want to rank high in search and earn high social engagement? You can’t do it with a single piece of content. Learn how understanding your audience’s intent –on search or social – can make a difference in your content marketing success. Continue reading

By Neil Patel published November 16, 2015

How to Make Every Piece of Content SEO Friendly

If you want your site to rank high in search engine results, don’t focus on SEO. Today, Google and other search engines reward user-friendly sites. Those sites focus on great content for their users. Then, the SEO friendliness follows. Continue reading

By Neil Patel published November 9, 2015

The Quiet SEO Influencer: How to Use Visual Content to Build Brand Signals

As you obsess over how to boost SEO, don’t forget the quiet influencer – brand signals. They are key to building trust and visibility on the web. Learn what they are and why you should focus on visual content signals first. Continue reading

By Neil Patel published October 28, 2015

10 Ways to Make Your Website Content More Relevant (and Rank Higher)

A primary method for accomplishing relevance is to create relevant content. It can seem mystical, but in reality, relevance is scientific and systematic. Here are 10 ways to create relevant content for users and search engines. Continue reading