By Pamela Muldoon published October 23, 2014

The Pivot: From Banking Journalism to Content Marketing

Todd Wheatland took some time at this year’s Content Marketing World to sit down for a chat with Ann Handley, best-selling author and Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs. Listen to Episode 3 of The Pivot, the newest podcast from the CMI Podcast Network, and hear why Ann believes writing as the cornerstone of content is missing from the current conversation. Continue reading

By Pamela Muldoon published October 9, 2014

Using Backstories as a Way to Connect with Your Audience

Content Marketing Institute launches the CMI Podcast Network with a new podcast, The Pivot: Marketing Backstories. The series, hosted by Todd Wheatland, shares unexpected stories from content marketing professionals with a focus on the pivotal point in their lives that put them on the path to success. This week, Todd speaks with CMI Founder, Joe Pulizzi, and learns where his career might have taken him — if he had followed in his family’s footsteps. Continue reading

By Jonathon Colman published September 28, 2014

Why Content Strategists Shouldn’t Lose Sight of Actual People

It seems that many marketers on the whole may struggle to understand the discipline of content strategy. So a few content strategists were asked to get thoughts on the subject from Facebook content strategist, blogger and author Jonathon Colman. From this discussion, find out why content strategists (and marketers) shouldn’t lose sight of actual people. Continue reading

By Chuck Frey published August 12, 2014

Make Your Visual Content Stand Out With a Signature Brand Look

The explosion of visual content means your audience is skimming more than ever these days. That’s why consistent branding of visual images is becoming critically important. Find out what 5 experts have to say about making your visual content stand out with a signature brand look. Continue reading

By Chuck Frey published July 15, 2014

How Engineering Principles Can Revolutionize Your Content Strategy

Content marketers spend countless hours handcrafting content that’s designed to inform and persuade customers. Scott Abel, “The Content Wrangler,” believes he has a better way: Content engineering, the application of engineering principles to the creation, management, and delivery of content. Find out how engineering principles can revolutionize your content strategy. Continue reading

By Arnie Kuenn published May 6, 2014

How to Go “All-In” with Content Marketing: 8 Experts Weigh In

Eight top industry experts share what they see as the biggest challenges for businesses that want to go “all-in” with content marketing. Each also gave suggestions for overcoming the challenges they cited. Use their advice to help overcome obstacles standing between your organization and content marketing success. Continue reading

By Carla Johnson published January 13, 2014

How Brand Storytelling Helps Enterprises Go “The Extra Mile”

Emerson’s chief marketing officer has overseen a massive rebranding effort since she took the job in 1999. She has redesigned how the voice of the customer integrates with research and development, and cultivated a brand story that resonates with businesses around the world and infiltrates every niche within the company. Find out more about connecting brand storytelling to enterprise business excellence. Continue reading

By Katherine Kotaw published December 27, 2013

Personal Brand Marketing Tips from 3 Influential Women

These days, business owners and marketers are branding themselves with every tweet they post and every video they produce. If you want to turn your personal brand marketing into a powerful part of your digital marketing strategy, spend some time studying the habits of your industry leaders. And take some lessons from 3 influential women. Continue reading

By Carla Johnson published December 26, 2013

Why Human Resources is Essential to the Brand Storytelling Equation

As the marketing industry evolves, we’re taking on (or needing to fill) new roles as marketers and as people who drive business for our organizations. Find out why human resources is essential to the brand storytelling equation. Continue reading

By Mark Sherbin published December 6, 2013

Foster a Creative Content Marketing Culture: 5 Takeaways From Coca-Cola

From cola-imbibing polar bears to personalized “Share a Coke” viral content, Coca-Cola knows creativity. Get 5 takeaways on creative content marketing culture from Jonathan Mildenhall, Coca-Cola’s VP of Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence. Continue reading