By Jay Acunzo published May 22, 2014

6 Ways to Make B2B Content Marketing That’s Better Than the eBook

girl with binoculars-sitting on booksLet’s rip the Band-aid right off: For B2B content marketers, eBooks are overrated. (I will now dive for cover under my desk.)

Now before you bombard me with every object within an arm’s reach, let me first explain that I don’t have some weird personal vendetta against eBooks. I find them to be quite a gentle content species. I just think we obsess over creating them a bit too much in B2B, and I know we can do better. Not only have I watched eBooks generate diminishing returns lately, but I think it’s time to inject much more creativity into what we produce in order to stand out. Isn’t that the point of our work? Don’t content marketers count as creative professionals — at least in part? Continue Reading

By Mark Sherbin published September 6, 2013

How to Land the Content Marketing Job of Your Dreams

getting job you wantI don’t have to tell you that content marketing has exploded into a global practice across hundreds of industries. That’s why you’re here on the Content Marketing Institute blog — to learn how you can get better at creating useful content to drive sales and promote your brand.

Content marketing’s reach may be broad, but its practices are varied. Some organizations already have a good content creation system in place; others are still trying to understand how they can best integrate content marketing into their existing marketing departments. Continue Reading

By Joe Pulizzi published December 15, 2012

13 Holiday Gift/Book Ideas for Content Marketers

Content marketer holiday gifts - coverIf you’re like me, finding holiday gifts for those special content marketing professionals in your life is always a challenge. I mean, do you go buyer personas, content strategy, sales integration or even selling to the c-level? So many choices, so little time.Continue Reading

By Nicolas Gremion published November 8, 2012

Content Strategy: How eBooks Help You Generate More Leads

add eBooks to your content strategyEvery company is looking for ways to pump new life into its lead generation tactics. Some send executives to conferences, where they rub elbows with other leaders until their eyes cross with fatigue (and perhaps from one beer too many). Others bring on affiliate marketers who blast prospects with emails that claim their new product will change their lives forever.

Yet, there are some businesses that make it their mission to provide value that brings customers to them.

The smartest companies know that customers like businesses that meet them halfway — those that provide something of value in order to win customers’ business. But how can businesses prove their worth without undercutting their own efforts?Continue Reading

By Michele Linn published November 5, 2012

A Field Guide to the 4 Types of Content Marketing Metrics #eBook

Excuses: They’re what stop us from measuring the impact on our content marketing. What if we told you that the data wasn’t as hard to understand as you thought?

Content marketing metrics don’t have to be difficult. All most of us really need is a place to start. Let us help.Continue Reading

By Joe Pulizzi published September 29, 2012

How Content Marketing Can Save the Book Industry

This week I spoke at the Digital Book World Discoverability & Marketing conference in New York on content marketing and the book business. From my experience as a media professional, marketer, self-published author, and traditionally-published author, I like to think I have an interesting perspective on the industry.

If you have never published a book before with a mainstream publisher (i.e., Wiley, McGraw-Hill, etc.), here is the worst kept secret on the planet: Marketing the book is entirely the responsibility of the author. That’s why publishers look to target influencers with vast networks.Continue Reading

By Clare McDermott published September 18, 2012

What Content Marketers Need to Know About Interactive eBooks

London – A City Through Time By Heuristic-Media

If it’s true that brands are becoming publishers, then the quiet revolution occurring in book publishing should make us all sit up and listen. Mention “digital book” and many still think of a print book viewed on a Kindle or iPad screen. Erase that thought.Continue Reading

By Joe Pulizzi published August 31, 2012

29 Content Marketing Secrets from #cmworld Speakers [Free eBook]

Do you ever wonder what secrets content marketing “operatives” have? What do brands like Kraft Foods, Intel, IBM, and Cisco as well as industry thought leaders do that make them so successful?

Well, now you can find out.Continue Reading

By Val Swisher published June 29, 2012

The Key Skills You Need to Create Killer Corporate eBooks

corporate eBooks, CMIBack in the olden days, say 4 or 5 years ago, things were simple. Writers wrote. Artists drew. Videographers filmed. The rest of the team knew who to call for each piece we needed in the content development process.

Nowadays, things are different. Technology has advanced and consumer expectations of content have changed dramatically. Gone are the days of reading long-form content. Really. Our customers are expecting — nay, demanding — experiences. Experiences? And you thought you were just creating a white paper. Nope! Not anymore.Continue Reading

By David Wogahn published April 23, 2012

How Content Marketers Can Reach a Larger Audience by Redefining the eBook

It is impossible for a week to pass without an important news story about eBooks. Of course these stories are about the “other” eBooks — the ones sold by Amazon and Barnes & Noble and read using Kindles, Nooks, tablets, and smartphones.Continue Reading