By Felix Tarcomnicu published March 23, 2014

Finding Potential Content Publishers: A 3-Step Outreach Process

One of the most difficult parts of distributing the content you create is reaching out to content publishers to promote it. But content marketing won’t benefit your business if you don’t follow through to ensure its success. Use this 3-step outreach process to find and engage potential content publishers. Continue reading

By Ann Meany published February 13, 2014

The New iPhone Feature That Could Change Your Mobile Content Strategy

Imagine being able to reach out to your target audience with useful product information or a discount right when and where they’re making a purchase decision. Content marketers will soon have the ability to do just that, and a whole lot besides. Learn more about the new iPhone feature that could change your mobile content strategy. Continue reading

By Mary Montserrat-Howlett published February 12, 2014

How to Fuel Your Curated Content Marketing with Storify

The greatest challenge still for many organizations is producing steady streams of engaging content. That’s why content curation has become such a pivotal practice in supporting content marketing efforts. But how do you cut through the clutter and get organized? Find out how to fuel your curated content marketing with Storify. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published January 18, 2014

Will Native Advertising Ultimately Become the Norm?

In this week’s PNR podcast, Joe and Robert share their thoughts on what the future of content will look like when a trillion devices start talking to each other, explore the latest news on native advertising — and the insane growth projected for this technique in 2014 — and salute the content strategy of a heroic American brand, in the “This Old Marketing” Example of the Week. Continue reading

By Nate Riggs published December 2, 2013

3 Ways To Use Google Media Tools for Content Marketing

Google Media Tools gives journalists the power to better connect with their audiences. It’s a gateway to specific tools that can help support the storytelling process from end to end. Learn how to use the suite to support your organization’s content marketing efforts. Continue reading

By Mark Sherbin published November 10, 2013

6 SEO Steps for Successful Content Marketing Using SlideShare’s Secret Search Sauce

Think of SlideShare’s link juice as rocket fuel for your SEO program. All you need is a coordinated plan to start borrowing some of the professional network’s search clout. Continue reading

By Blair Symes published September 22, 2013

Measure Your Content Marketing ROI with Call Tracking

CEOs live by the bottom line, so marketers need to show how their content directly impacts lead generation and the resulting revenue. Find out how to measure your content marketing ROI more easily with call tracking. Continue reading

By Anna Ritchie published September 19, 2013

How Your Email Content Can Adapt to Gmail Tabs

Has Google scuttled email content marketing opportunities for good? Not necessarily, but it sure got attention and created a challenge for marketers. Be calm and find out how to carry on by continuing to create compelling content and adapting your email practices to Gmail tabs. Continue reading

By Adria Saracino published September 17, 2013

Build a Better Buyer Persona: 5 Creative Data Sourcing Ideas

What people don’t often tell you about buyer persona development is that collecting the data to create them is a lot of hard work. Many marketers use surveys and interviews to learn about their target audiences, but there are other options. Try out these 5 creative sourcing ideas to build better buyer personas. Continue reading

By Arnie Kuenn published August 14, 2013

7 Ways to Use Google Trends to Punch Up Your Content Creation

Imagine harnessing information on the billions of searches performed in Google every year. It could drive your SEO and help you better understand your target audience’s behaviors and interests. There’s a great tool to guide you in doing all of that and more. Find out 7 ways you can use Google Trends to punch up your content creation. Continue reading