By Brad Messinger published November 25, 2015

Data: The Missing Piece in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Optimize your content marketing strategy by setting goals, getting it in front of the right audience, and understanding its impact. To accomplish that, follow this three-step, data-based framework – context, connections, and clarity. Continue reading

By Natalya Minkovsky published November 19, 2015

Live Experiences Reinvent the Way Customers Interact With Brands

Live events rank as the most effective content marketing tactic by B2B marketers. Music festival. Cooking school. Hot-dog-eating contest. Learn how each experience invites the customer to engage with the brand in the real world. Continue reading

By Marcia Riefer Johnston published November 12, 2015

The Basics of Digital Governance: What Content Marketers Need to Know

Wish your organization had a more organized, more business-savvy way to manage content decisions? Lisa Welchman, an authority on digital governance, knows how it’s done – and shares how you can do it, too. Continue reading

By Marcia Riefer Johnston published November 5, 2015

Wonder What Content to Create? Try a Customer-Journey Map [Template]

A customer-journey map can help you answer the perennial question – what content shall we create? Better yet, it can help you answer the question – what content do our customers want? Here’s how to create the map, step by step. Continue reading

By Meghan Casey published October 29, 2015

Content Strategy 101 for Content Marketers: Your Questions Answered

Crave structure or other ways to improve your content marketing? Think content strategy. Brain Traffic’s lead content strategist explains the basics and shares how to incorporate it in a way that’s both manageable and beneficial. Continue reading

By Erika Heald published October 15, 2015

5 Easy Steps to Define and Use Your Brand Voice

If your content appeared without a logo, would the audience know it’s you? A consistent brand voice can be easily identified and is essential for localized and intelligent content. Document and make your voice consistent in five steps. Continue reading

By Megan Hannay published October 12, 2015

Brand Backstory: Where Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Born

Brand backstory is the “why” the company is what it is today. Every company has a captivating backstory, but many aren’t making full use of it, and their brand’s content building blocks are missing a key piece. Here’s how to find it. Continue reading

By Ben Harper published October 9, 2015

Think Lean to Win at Content Marketing

Want to improve your content strategies in a way that reduces wasted effort so that you can put more of your resources into ideas that win? Think lean! Continue reading

By Michele Linn published October 2, 2015

Metadata 101 for Content Marketers: Your Questions Answered

Having a tough time keeping massive amounts of content organized? Metadata can help. Check out these insights from content strategist Rachel Lovinger. Continue reading

By Ashley Taylor Anderson published September 24, 2015

Beyond the PDF: How Alternative Content Marketing Formats Improve the Customer Experience

For your most valuable content marketing assets, PDF isn’t always the best format. For the best strategic advantage, consider these alternative formats. Continue reading