By Robert Rose published October 10, 2011

6 Ways To Move Beyond Best Practices

In Best Practices, Mediocre Results , Robert Rose claims marketers who focus on measuring up to others are less willing to take risks and less likely to stand out.  Here, he offers tips about how to move beyond best practices—and … Continue reading

By Arnie Kuenn published October 10, 2011

Conversions: Look Beyond Myths of Content Marketing Measurement

Too much talk about Facebook ‘likes’ and Twitter ‘followers’ is dumming down your analytics. If you were asked for the most important metric you track related to your online marketing efforts, what would you say? What is the very first … Continue reading

By Robert Rose published October 10, 2011

Best Practices…Mediocre Results

Why a hyper focus on measurement and incremental gains makes marketers average. Let’s talk about how a myopic focus on measurement can suck all the innovation and success out of our strategy. Here is an experiment: Walk around your office … Continue reading

By Katie McCaskey published July 10, 2011

Tech Tools

SOCIAL INFLUENCERS SHARE THE TOOLS THAT HELP THEM KEEP THEIR EDGE Faster, Leaner Productivity. SCHEDULING Rachel Foster Fresh Perspective Copywriting @CopywriterTO I use TimeTrade to schedule appointments. The software lets you place a link on your website or in an … Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published July 10, 2011

Do You Need a Social Media Policy?

A social media policy is now a requirement of the Federal Trade Commission, flowing from its Guidlines on Endorsements and Testimonials. We asked the Word of Mouth Marketing Association to share the essentials. WOMMA: Essential Elements of a Social Media … Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published July 10, 2011

Talking Innovation: An Interview with Gary Spangler from DuPont

Joe Pulizzi talks to Gary Spangler, emarketing manager at DuPont, about how big brands go social while minding critical ethical and legal obligations. Joe Pulizzi: Tell me about your role at DuPont. Gary Spangler: I work to steer DuPont’s efforts … Continue reading

By Scott Brinker published July 10, 2011

Rise of the Marketing Technologist

Marketing technology can’t live in IT anymore. It’s time to own up to our brave new digital world. What words do you associate with marketing? Branding. Positioning. Advertising. No doubt, these are classic foundations of our field. But increasingly, marketing … Continue reading

By Jeremy Davis published July 10, 2011

Man of the House

A conversation with the two men behind Procter & Gamble’s most talked-about brand content channel.   Procter & Gamble, the consumer products giant, has an online destination that aims to teach men the essentials of domestic life. The site, which … Continue reading

By Erin Rodat-Savla published July 10, 2011

Innovation Coach

A talk with Tom Koulopoulos, author of The Innovation Zone, about the essential elements of innovation (psst: it’s not about technology). Feel pressured to adopt new marketing technology and call it innovation? Trying to make a splash in the market … Continue reading

By Jeremy Victor published July 10, 2011

Fab 15: Content Marketing Projects To Inspire

Winning the battle for attention takes innovation—whether through an unexpected presentation, a new tech application or a provocative message. These 15 projects demonstrate that creativity and daring are possible within a wide range of budgets, industries and formats (in no … Continue reading