By Erin Rodat-Savla published July 13, 2014

4 Ways Wearable Tech Could Change Your Marketing Strategy

With wearables seemingly bearing down on us all, how can we adopt a pragmatic but open frame of mind on this new category? It seems like wearable everything is inevitable, but a lot of it still seems like a distant sci-fi promise. Marketers would do well to at least start kicking around ideas now. Find out 4 ways wearable tech could change your marketing strategy. Continue reading

By Scott Brinker published July 6, 2014

Why Your Content Marketing Team Needs a Marketing Technologist

Content marketing is evolving rapidly — growing in both scale and sophistication. Your organization is also facing ever-greater competition. What’s the common thread that spans these challenges? Technology. Find out more about why your content marketing team needs a marketing technologist. Continue reading

By Joe Bachana published June 29, 2014

How the Right Tech Can Improve Your Content Marketing Workflow

Content marketing isn’t just about text, images and video. It’s about capturing people’s attention across multiple viewing experiences. Selecting the right set of editorial workflow tools will ensure your content is ready for deployment across any channel. Find out how the right technology can improve your content marketing workflow. Continue reading

By Lee Odden published June 22, 2014

Why Your Online Content Needs Both Social and Search Optimization

While many marketers will debate what comes first (content vs. social media vs. SEO) the most practical approach is to use the tactics necessary for your target audience in order to “be the best answer” wherever customers are looking. Find out more about how to integrate search and social for more effective online content. Continue reading

By Jonathan Crossfield published June 15, 2014

How Automating Your Social Media Content Can Hurt Your Brand

I have a rule. Actually, I have many rules, but the rule that’s relevant to this column is about Twitter, and although it may seem arbitrary, it’s about maintaining certain standards for social media content. Think we can’t tell when your tweets or updates are automated? Oh yes we can. Knock it off and learn how to avoid automation mistakes in your social media. Continue reading

By Neil Ayres published May 28, 2014

How to Serve Up Value With Mobile Content Marketing

UK-based Brand Perfect — an online community for brands, designers and developers — offers up its favorite apps for mobile content marketing from B2C brands. Mobile content marketing can be a balancing act. Find out how to serve up valuable mobile content without pushing your audience too far. Continue reading

By Natasha Giraudie published May 18, 2014

Using Video Content to Tell High-Emotion Stories: Nonprofit Marketing

If nonprofits want their short films to change the world, they need to be seen. Check out these 3 successful cause-driven video content efforts and the distribution strategies behind them. They’re good examples of how to tell high-emotion stories with visual content. Continue reading

By Anna Ritchie published May 13, 2014

Build a Lean Influencer Marketing Strategy: 3 Types of Tools

Think an influencer program requires too much effort? Fortunately, many tools exist that enable even the leanest of teams to reap the benefits of influencer marketing. Discover the top tools marketers use to make their influencer marketing strategy more effective. Continue reading

By Tom Fishburne published May 9, 2014

Resist the Temptations of New Social Media Content Channels

It hasn’t been obvious how brands can use Snapchat, because the one-to-one messaging and pictures self-destruct after just a few seconds. Find out why you should resist the temptations of new social media content channels until you’re sure your audience uses them and your content is a good fit. Continue reading

By Matt Myers published May 7, 2014

Is It Time to Hand Consumers the Keys to Your Content Creation?

To keep up with the demands of populating a growing number of channels, brands are increasingly turning their social media platforms over to fans, letting them drive content creation in ways unheard of a few years ago. Find out if you should hand consumers the keys to content creation for your business. Continue reading