By Joe Pulizzi published October 6, 2015

Can We Please Stop Using Branded Content?

I’m going to be honest. I loathe the term “branded content.” It gives content marketing a bad name. It’s a word created by the world of paid media by advertisers, agencies, and media planners. I’ve found a better term. Continue reading

By Gary Lipkowitz published October 4, 2015

11 Ways to Use Video in Your Content Marketing

Do you want to make an investment in video? Having a hard time securing the dollars? Learn the plain talk about video to share with your executives. Share these 11 ways that video can boost your content marketing results.
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By Clare McDermott published September 27, 2015

Why a Washington Post Editor Left to Work With Starbucks

Starbucks partnered with an editor from The Washington Post who left the newspaper to head up a new media venture. The collaboration between a seasoned journalist and a mega-brand points to an exciting time for long-form storytelling.
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By Clare McDermott published September 20, 2015

Tech Zen Reveals How He Built Demand-Generation Engine

CSC’s Nick Panayi has built an elegantly tuned demand-generation engine. Now he shares how he manages the complex ecosystem of marketing technologies, as well as the steps taken to create a centralized, integrated content hub. Continue reading

By Jonathan Crossfield published September 18, 2015

Social Media Automation: A Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action

After railing against social media automation, Jonathan Crossfield talks with an influential social media marketer who says he found success viewing social media as a distribution channel first and a discussion mode a distant second. Continue reading

By Robert Rose published September 13, 2015

Is ROI Really What You’re Looking For?

There’s a lot of talk about return on investment as a marketing metric, but ROI is inherently flawed for campaign-based marketing. A new look at ROI might be the remedy to build a case for content marketing. Let’s take a look at why. Continue reading

By Amanda Subler published September 9, 2015

How a Bank Transformed Its Business by Creating Its Own Web TV Station

How did a bank turn itself into a successful media company? Here’s the story of Jyske Bank, which built a high-tech production facility, hired a newsroom team, and programs its own web TV channel – with storytelling at its heart. Continue reading

By Roanne Neuwirth published September 2, 2015

How to Choose Content Topics That Get C-Suite Attention

To connect with executives, you need content that taps directly into their most pressing priorities and concerns. How do you find compelling topics that also make sense for your company to tackle? Here are the three ingredients.
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By Marcia Layton Turner published August 23, 2015

YouTube Star Combines Great Stories, Quirky Personality, and DIY Ethos

Slow to embrace video marketing? A theater geek turned YouTube star shows marketers how great storytelling, a quirky personality, and a DIY ethos can generate a huge number of views. And he has a strong message for brands breaking into videos. Continue reading

By Melissa Eggleston published July 30, 2015

A UX Lesson for Content Marketers: Your Invisible Advantage

User experience (UX) combined with terrific content can have an outsize impact on your customers. Continue reading