By Joe Pulizzi published April 22, 2014

Enterprise Content Marketing Research: Where Does Success Lie in 2014?

The latest Content Marketing Institute research confirms that B2B enterprise marketers continue to face challenges in integrating content marketing across their organizations. Find out more about these and other findings on B2B enterprise tactics, spending and effectiveness in our new report. Continue reading

By Dianna Huff published April 3, 2014

Why 55% of Potential B2B Buyers Might Not Trust Your Website Content

Some results in a recent B2B web usability report were surprising. Specifically, the report found that two types of website content that most marketers don’t even think about play a huge role in helping B2B buyers move forward with a vendor. Learn more about the report, including why 55 percent of potential B2B buyers might not trust your website content. Continue reading

By Paul Gustafson published April 2, 2014

3 Key Concepts to Master for Effective B2B Content

Understanding ways to match content with the sales process is just as critical as ensuring content quality. For effective B2B content, master these 3 concepts that mirror the way an enterprise sales process typically works. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published February 26, 2014

B2B Content Marketing Success on the Rise for Small Businesses

Our newest B2B content marketing research report confirms that small businesses are doing many things really well when it comes to content marketing — things that can certainly give them a competitive advantage and put them on equal footing with the “big guys.” Check out the report for more details. Continue reading

By Derek Edmond published February 10, 2014

6 Ways to Measure B2B Content Marketing Performance

CMI research has found that content marketing clients understandably want to be able to tell how their organization is doing in relation to its peers. Find out how to demonstrate B2B content marketing performance in association with three primary challenges: brand awareness, thought leadership, and engagement. Continue reading

By Vinay Bhagat published February 9, 2014

B2B Marketing: Why (and How) to Focus on Reviews, Not Case Studies

Case studies have long been a staple of B2B marketing and are still among the most popular tactics used today. However, with independent research via search and social media becoming more the norm for buyers, case studies aren’t always effective. Find out why in-depth user reviews are poised to replace case studies — and how marketers can shift their focus to reviews. Continue reading

By Allen Narcisse published January 15, 2014

Planning Your B2B Marketing Approach to Social Media: 3 Key Angles

The popularity of social media marketing is spreading like wildfire across the world of B2B commerce. Because these are social platforms, marketing on them requires planning and finesse. Simply being present on social media isn’t enough. Use these 3 angles to plan your B2B marketing approach. Continue reading

By Ardath Albee published January 2, 2014

Why Marketers Are Keeping B2B Buyer Personas In the Closet

Many marketers have buyer personas that they’re not using — mainly because they’re simply unusable in a B2B complex sale situation. Find out more about creating useful B2B buyer personas. Continue reading

By Bruce McDuffee published December 5, 2013

Convert Your Content Marketing to Revenue: 7 Pieces of the Puzzle

CMI research shows that few B2B marketers consider their content efforts to be “very effective.” And questions about revenue generation must be at least partially behind the lack of confidence many marketers feel. Convert your doubts to confidence (and your content marketing to revenue) by using these 7 puzzle pieces to plan your approach. Continue reading

By Michele Linn published October 25, 2013

What the Future Holds for B2B Content Marketing: Experts Look Ahead

Excerpt: It’s essential to follow trends in B2B content marketing with research, but looking ahead also helps advance the conversation. Check out this roundtable discussion which asks industry experts to discuss what the future holds for B2B content marketing. Continue reading