By Andrea Fryrear published August 13, 2015

How to Make Content Marketing Work With an Agile Team

How can you create content using Agile methodologies while maintaining quality and consistency? Set up separate – parallel – sprints for marketing and content marketing efforts.
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By Andrea Fryrear published June 18, 2015

The 5 Superpowers of Intelligent Content: Themes From ICC

At the Intelligent Content Conference, the superpowers of intelligent content were revealed in session after session. Continue reading

By Andrea Fryrear published May 25, 2015

Keep Content Flowing With This Easy Agile Marketing Tool

Nothing seems different, but suddenly you’re rushing to make deadlines, editors are stressed, and the whole process has become frantic. Step back and figure out where the workflow is breaking down with this Agile Work in Progress tool. Continue reading

By Andrea Fryrear published May 4, 2015

Intelligent Content + Agile Approach: How This Combo Paid Off for My Team

Andrea Fryrear describes her marketing team’s move toward combining intelligent content with an Agile approach. The results? “Stellar.” Continue reading