By Ruth Carter published November 17, 2015

Avoid Legal Action: Take Proper Steps to Own the Content

If you acquire content from freelancers or other third parties, you could be in legal trouble if you haven’t taken steps to secure the copyright or proper permission. Learn how you may be violating the law and how to get in compliance. Continue reading

By Neil Patel published November 16, 2015

How to Make Every Piece of Content SEO Friendly

If you want your site to rank high in search engine results, don’t focus on SEO. Today, Google and other search engines reward user-friendly sites. Those sites focus on great content for their users. Then, the SEO friendliness follows. Continue reading

By Jonathan Crossfield published November 15, 2015

When Followers Attack: A Monty Python Guide to Maintaining Social Media Harmony

A social media attack can be quite a surreal experience, leaving you as bewildered and frustrated as a character in a Monty Python sketch. The trick to finding the right punchline is to know which Python sketch you are in. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published November 14, 2015

This Week in Content Marketing: Content Creation Plummeting on Facebook

Joe and Robert talk how Facebookers are turning into lurkers, how ad blockers are transforming the web’s next level, and about one startup’s documentary. Rants and raves include Amazon’s physical store and Activision’s film studio. Continue reading

By Clare McDermott published November 13, 2015

Danger Ahead: When Content Distribution Is On Auto-Pilot

One of the best teachers on search engine optimization, email marketing, and social media shares why great content creators don’t always come out ahead, and the dangers of putting your content distribution strategies on autopilot. Continue reading

By Marcia Riefer Johnston published November 12, 2015

The Basics of Digital Governance: What Content Marketers Need to Know

Wish your organization had a more organized, more business-savvy way to manage content decisions? Lisa Welchman, an authority on digital governance, knows how it’s done – and shares how you can do it, too. Continue reading

By Joseph Kalinowski published November 11, 2015

Is Design Mostly Dead? DIY Platforms vs. Hiring a Pro

Just because I know how to use a hammer and nails doesn’t mean I can build a house. As a professional designer, I get frustrated by the proliferation of images from DIY platforms. Learn what’s missing from them and how to get it. Continue reading

By Matt Cooper published November 10, 2015

Is It Time to Ditch Your Company Blog’s Comments Section?

Once seen as a way to engage public dialogue, comment sections have become the refuge for trolls, a referendum on silence, and have been abandoned for social media. Are you going to keep comments? Here are three tips for doing it right. Continue reading

By Neil Patel published November 9, 2015

The Quiet SEO Influencer: How to Use Visual Content to Build Brand Signals

As you obsess over how to boost SEO, don’t forget the quiet influencer – brand signals. They are key to building trust and visibility on the web. Learn what they are and why you should focus on visual content signals first. Continue reading

By Jodi Harris published November 8, 2015

How to Take Advantage of the Latest Blogging Trends

What role should blogging play in today’s content marketing strategy? Learn the latest trends and the potential impact on your blog from a recent Orbit Media survey. Plus, get tips to take full advantage of this still-powerful channel. Continue reading