By Allan Tan published June 7, 2012

4 Golden Rules for Successful Content Brainstorms, Courtesy of “The Godfather”

You need a few rules for a fruitful brainstorming session. Break these rules, and the result is almost always frustration and fatigue. So we’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse: Obey these 4 golden rules and you’ll always have successful content brainstorms. Continue reading

By Michele Linn published June 6, 2012

How to Justify the Cost of Content Marketing

If you need to justify the cost of content marketing, check out this eBook that lays out how to calculate your content marketing ROI. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published June 6, 2012

Six Useful Content Marketing Definitions

Looking for a definition of content marketing? Here are six useful examples depending on your current content marketing need – formal, for practitioners and even one for non-believers. Continue reading

By Roger C. Parker published June 6, 2012

A Checklist for Measuring Your Content Marketing Success

As the halfway point of 2012 approaches, we suggest using this seven-step checklist for measuring your content marketing success. The goal is to take a fresh look at your content marketing from a broader, long-term perspective. Continue reading

By Scott Aughtmon published June 5, 2012

21 Types of Content We Crave

If your content doesn’t resonate with your audience, then they won’t follow you where you want to take them. Here’s a list of ideas for creating 21 types of content we all crave. Continue reading

By Erin Nelson published June 5, 2012

4 Examples of Stellar B2B Social Media Marketing Content

The culmination of your online and social media content should come together to present an extensive profile that demonstrates your expertise and offers a glimpse of who you are and what your company represents. Here are examples of stellar B2B content. Continue reading

By Pamela Muldoon published June 4, 2012

An In-Depth Look at How to Create and Use B2B Buyer Personas with Ardath Albee

Check out this in-depth interview with Marketing Interactions CEO Ardath Albee, as she shares insights and advice on how to create and use B2B buyer personas. Continue reading

By Camella Mendez published June 4, 2012

How to Create Content Partnerships that Build Ethical Links and Authority

Quality is still essential. Here are tips on how content marketers can effectively (and safely) link build in today’s post-Penguin SEO landscape, using quality content and by forming long-term content relationships. Continue reading

By Michele Linn published June 1, 2012

Technology Buyers Require Practical, Timely Content [Research]

A recent survey of business technology decision makers sheds some light on what prospects want – and don’t want – when it comes to vendor content. We share some basic results and offer takeaways and suggestions for making content practical and timely. Continue reading

By Mitt Ray published June 1, 2012

5 Tips on Finding Fantastic Content for Your White Paper

One of the keys to writing a great white paper is to include lots of quality content. So before you start writing, you’ll need to gather the information you’ll need and modify it to suit your purposes. Here are some tips to help you find fantastic content. Continue reading