By Rand Schulman published February 15, 2012

Will Universities Evolve?

Careers in marketing—particularly digital media, content marketing and analytics—are growing. Why are US universities failing to graduate marketable digital natives? US higher education—long a source of pride and differentiation across the globe—is undergoing a true crisis of value and identity. … Continue reading

By Stephanie Tilton published February 15, 2012

Coca-Cola’s Content Strategy: 3 Lessons for B2B Marketers

Coca-Cola has recognized the value of using content to engage its audience and has outlined its new content strategy in two videos. B2B marketers can learn three important lessons from this new initiative. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published February 14, 2012

The History of Content Marketing – How Brands Have Become Storytellers [Part 1]

  Content marketing is not easy. Over the past twelve months, we’ve been noticing a few differences in what separates those organizations who excel at content marketing and those organizations that are just staying in the game. The overview below … Continue reading

By Gary Kim published February 14, 2012

Should Big Brands Use Pinterest For Content Marketing?

Pinterest, a pin board inspired social media site launched in March 2010, was getting about 40 times more visitors in December 2011 than it did in June 2011. But will the explosive growth continue, and will Pinterest be useful as a content marketing tool for big brands? Continue reading

By Thomas Clifford published February 14, 2012

A Sustainable 6-Step Process for Creating Engaging Blog Posts

Try this fast and easy 6-step process for creating engaging and compelling blog posts. This sustainable process can yield enough content for a full-length article that can be repurposed for later use, providing even more content. Continue reading

By Christine Dunn published February 13, 2012

Update: Blogging Adoption May Be Down, But Study Says It’s Still a Powerful Niche Tool

The Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth last week released a study that showed blogging rates are down among companies included on the annual Inc. 500 list. Even so, the study’s author maintains blogging is still a powerful tool to differentiate. Continue reading

By Rachel Foster published February 13, 2012

How to Double Your B2B Content Without Doubling Your Workload

You can save time on content development and reach a larger audience if you find ways to reuse or reinvent the B2B content you already have. Here are three ideas you can use to get you started. Continue reading

By Christine Dunn published February 10, 2012

Federated, Zemanta Launch Program to Connect Bloggers with Brands

Federated Media Publishing and Zemanta have announced a strategic partnership that will use technology to make it easier for bloggers and companies to connect, increasing opportunities to create targeted content marketing campaigns. Continue reading

By Todd Wheatland published February 10, 2012

LinkedIn and the New Age of Influence

Author Todd Wheatland explains how LinkedIn is a window into the changing nature of employment. Employers will no longer rely on your resume, but on your entire digital footprint–a trend LinkedIn is perfectly positioned to determine in the future. Continue reading

By Jodi Harris published February 10, 2012

Your Kick-Start Guide to Engaging Content [Free eBook]

There are no magic formulas for engaging content, but there are many tips that content professionals have picked up in the marketing trenches. CMI’s latest eBook is loaded with them. Download “Your Kick-Start to Engaging Content” now. Continue reading