By Joe Pulizzi published September 16, 2010

Are My Customers Interested in What I Have to Say?

Throughout the process of sifting through the data from our B2B Content Marketing study, a couple favorites stood out. First and foremost, we all believed the confidence gap (below) was the most interesting. Just think about this for a second: … Continue reading

By Robert Rose published

How to Choose a CMS for Content Marketing: Don’t Hammer with a Screwdriver

My college roommate used to hold up his giant screwdriver and say – “this is the only tool I’ll ever need.” And, he’d hammer nails with it, open boxes with it, open beer bottles with it (yes, college was like … Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published September 15, 2010

B2B Brands Are Indeed Media Companies | Here’s the Proof

Did you know… 9 of 10 B2B marketers leverage content marketing as part of their marketing programs? 51% of B2B marketers are increasing their spending in content marketing over the next 12 months? Over a quarter of the total marketing … Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published

2010 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends

Download this free research from Junta42 and MarketingProfs to learn about the benchmarks, trends and budgets in B2B marketing in 2010. Continue reading

By Chris Williams published September 14, 2010

How to Rewrite a Privacy Policy Into a Marketing Advantage

You might be thinking, “Privacy policy? Who cares about that? It’s just something we had to put up because our lawyer said so.” You can leave it at that, or you can remake your privacy policy into a marketing advantage … Continue reading

By Lisa Petrilli published September 13, 2010

Create Compelling Community Content: Fiskars Case Study

Must “content” come in written, video or podcast form? Consider the following . . . I’m a raving fan of the Brains on Fire movement. I was thrilled to be invited to participate in their Fire Sessions this year and, … Continue reading

By John White published September 10, 2010

Interviewing Content Marketing Writers? 5 Things for Your Shopping List

Face it, marketing managers: Whether the economy is humming or tanking, you’re going to spend about the same amount of effort to find and qualify professional writing talent. In a brisk economy (remember those?), you’ll spend most of your time … Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published September 9, 2010

Publishers – Give Content Away to Get

This post originally appeared at the ASBPE blog and is strictly targeted at anyone that considers themselves a publisher.  Marketers, you have permission to look away ;). Wait, you marketers may get something out of it as well. – JP … Continue reading

By Elizabeth Sosnow published

20 Clues to Find the B2B Content Your Audience Really Wants

Shhh. Do you hear that noise? That’s the mournful cry of a program that lacks content. If I’m being honest, I’ll admit I’ve heard that sound occasionally myself. When you work on a communications program for many years, it can … Continue reading

By Jennifer Watson published September 8, 2010

4 Good Places to Find Content (Where You Might Not Think to Look)

When building an editorial schedule, you naturally look to your roster of subject matter experts for ideas. Even so, you may find that the well soon runs dry. Before it does, dig a little deeper into sources that you may … Continue reading