By Joe Pulizzi published January 25, 2014

Where Are All the Content Strategists at?

In this week’s PNR Podcast, Robert and Joe talk about Contently’s quest to become “the plumbing” for content marketing, ponder the beyond-the-grave implications of content, and rant about the ongoing confusion between content marketing and content strategy, before jogging your memories of a marketing-driven trend from Nike in the This Old Marketing example of the week. Continue reading

By Eric Wittlake published January 24, 2014

Lead or Demand Generation? Your Content Marketing Plan Can’t Focus on Both

Lead generation and demand generation are two important, but separate, strategies. Demand generation is focused on shaping audience members’ perspective, while lead generation is focused on capturing their information. Find out how your content marketing plan can drive both goals effectively over time. Continue reading

By Mike Murray published January 23, 2014

4 Online Content Best Practices for Success

It takes more than just good grammar skills and a flair for words to be successful at content marketing. Use this collection of best practices for writing online content to boost your content creation efforts in 2014. Continue reading

By Dane Frederiksen published January 22, 2014

5 Steps to Repurposing Killer Online Content from a Webinar

Webinars can be great for sharing expertise with your audience, but the format has drawbacks, so don’t lean on them exclusively. Use these 5 steps to repurpose your webinars into more engaging online content. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published January 21, 2014

Content Shock: Worrisome Trend or Content Marketing Myth?

CMI is republishing a recent post by Shel Holtz that questions the concept of “content shock,” because it’s exactly the kind of conversation we need to have to move the content marketing industry forward. Find out more about the notion that a rising flood of content will eventually overwhelm us. Is content shock a worrisome trend or a content marketing myth? Continue reading

By Buddy Scalera published January 20, 2014

Terrifying Tales of Marketing Zombies Curating Content

We all know this breed of content curator. Self-appointed, self-important marketers who have lost touch with the act of doing real work. It started off with tweeting a few links, but they have been lulled into complacency — 140 characters at a time. But there’s still hope. Find out how to neutralize marketing zombies curating content. Continue reading

By Brad Shorr published January 19, 2014

6 Enemies of Clarity in Your Business Storytelling Efforts

Clear writing may not be the defining element of quality content, but without it, readers are unlikely to be persuaded by your story — or to take action on any business purpose that stands behind it. Watch out for these 6 fiends that steal clarity from your business storytelling efforts. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published January 18, 2014

Will Native Advertising Ultimately Become the Norm?

In this week’s PNR podcast, Joe and Robert share their thoughts on what the future of content will look like when a trillion devices start talking to each other, explore the latest news on native advertising — and the insane growth projected for this technique in 2014 — and salute the content strategy of a heroic American brand, in the “This Old Marketing” Example of the Week. Continue reading

By Roger C. Parker published January 17, 2014

How to Organize Your Blog Content with A 3-Step Post Tracker

Blogging has become a key content marketing activity, and the more you blog, the more you need a simple, scalable way to track your previous posts and plan future content. Find out how to organize your blog content with a 3-step post tracker. Continue reading

By Hana Abaza published January 16, 2014

Online Content Marketing in 2014: 5 Big Shifts in Store

As the new year gets rolling, everyone in the digital industry is speculating on what will be big in 2014. While the fundamentals of good content won’t change, tactics, channels and the way people consume content will continue to evolve. Learn more about 5 big shifts that will likely affect your online content marketing this year. Continue reading