By Heidi Cohen published March 10, 2014

5 Tips for Quality Content Creation That Won’t Bust Your Budget

If your business is serious about attracting a larger audience and achieving higher rankings on search engines, producing cute or salesy content won’t cut it. You need to focus on raising the quality of your content. Use these 5 tips for quality content creation that won’t bust your budget. Continue reading

By Ian Humphreys published March 9, 2014

Creating Content that Speaks Volumes in Multiple Languages

It can be difficult and expensive to create content in multiple languages, but there are ways to ramp up the process in a cost-effective manner and it can open up an enormous untapped market for your organization. Find out how to create content that speaks volumes in multiple languages. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published March 8, 2014

Stop Building Your Branded Content on “Rented Land”

This week, Joe and Robert discuss the LinkedIn job bank fiasco and debate whether or not agencies really can do content marketing well. They also share their thoughts on why marketers shouldn’t publish on “rented land” and offer some critical reviews of Facebook’s algorithm changes, before exploring Patagonia’s content initiative aimed at reducing the adverse impact of its social and environmental footprint. Continue reading

By Clare McDermott published March 7, 2014

The Artist’s Perspective: Collaborating on Content Creation

Photographer Thomas Hawk discusses how brands can collaborate with professional artists to generate authentic content — and why some companies still manage to flub it. Find out more about the artist’s perspective on collaborating on content creation. Continue reading

By Michael Gerard published March 6, 2014

Keep Your Content Marketing from Getting Lost in the Stampede

Many organizations will continue to increase their investment in content marketing this year. That may be a good thing, but there are potential hazards in jumping too quickly into an accelerated content marketing cadence without careful planning. Find out how to keep your marketing efforts from getting lost in the stampede. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published March 5, 2014

Looking for Content Marketing Training? School Is Now in Session!

If you’re struggling with content marketing — or want to boost your potential for success — it’s essential to go back to the basics. Looking for content marketing training? Find out more about CMI’s Online Training and Certification program. School is now in session! Continue reading

By Taylor Radey published March 4, 2014

Prove Content Marketing ROI with a Performance Scorecard

In spite of burgeoning internal support and increasing budget, many content teams still struggle with justifying spend through content marketing ROI, and performance is suffering as a result. Find out how to prove content marketing ROI with a performance scorecard. Continue reading

By Andy Crestodina published March 3, 2014

7 Ways to Respond to Plagiarism as the Content Creator

Creating content is hard work, so it’s hugely frustrating when someone copies that work. However, plagiarism in the online world is very common. Find out 7 ways a content creator can respond to plagiarism. Continue reading

By Bruce McDuffee published March 2, 2014

The One Mistake Standing Between You and Successful Content Marketing

There may be many reasons behind ineffective content efforts, but there is one big mistake that many organizations make that stands in the way of success. Find out why successful content marketing can’t be all about you. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published March 1, 2014

LinkedIn Moves to Dominate Content Publishing

In this week’s PNR podcast, Joe and Robert talk about the big content publishing news that LinkedIn has decided to open its publishing program to all users, discuss BuzzFeed’s advice for content success, explore the implications of Sprinklr’s purchase of Dachis, and share content marketing examples from Toyota and Chevron, before looking at how an early 20th century baking powder company used content to help it rise to the top of the food industry in New Zealand. Continue reading