By Joe Chernov published February 7, 2012

4 Hidden Benefits of Content Marketing that Go Beyond ROI

In their rush to be measured like everyone else, content marketers are in danger of short-changing their full value. These four benefits of content marketing can bring immense value to your company and its internal communication goals. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published February 6, 2012

What Can a Super Bowl Ad Buy You in Content Marketing?

So, another Super Bowl gone.  For those who advertised during the Super Bowl, the average cost of a Super Bowl ad this year was $3.5 million to promote their brand in front of 111 million viewers. For those counting, that’s $116,000 … Continue reading

By Christine Dunn published February 6, 2012

Research: The Four Common Denominators to Successful Marketing in a Down Economy

Buying behavior in both the B2B and B2C space has dramatically, and permanently, changed, yet 75 percent of companies are still selling their products in a way that no longer works, according to Ron Volper, PhD and author of “Up Your Sales in a Down Market: 20 Strategies From Top-Performing Salespeople to Win Over Cautious Customers”. Continue reading

By Beth Fox published February 6, 2012

7 Ways to Write Eye-Popping Headlines

Headlines are the key to getting attention for your content. A few seconds with your headline and a reader decides whether to click and learn more or move on. These 7 tips will help you write eye-popping headlines that will draw readers in and satisfy their need for content that delivers on its promises. Continue reading

By Christine Dunn published February 3, 2012

MIT: Facebook Still Has Large, Untapped Opportunity In Social Advertising

Facebook has only just started to recognize the untapped potential of social advertising, fueled by its own technology, according to research by MIT Professor Catherine Tucker. Social networks like Facebook have in recent years faced skepticism about being fruitful venues for paid advertising. Tucker tested this view by analyzing the ad campaigns of a non-profit organization. Continue reading

By Ann Meany published February 3, 2012

4 Critical Steps to Seducing Your Customer with Passionate Storytelling

The same elements that make a Valentine’s Day message compelling can work for content marketers as well. Check out these tips for starting a sweet conversation with your customers by speaking from the heart. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published February 3, 2012

Lethal Generosity: The Key To Your Online Content Strategy

The concept of Lethal Generosity was first coined by social media pioneer Shel Israel in 2008. Simply put: Lethal Generosity is the concept that the most generous members of any social media company are the most credible and influential and as such, … Continue reading

By Brad Shorr published February 2, 2012

The Essential Guide to Meta Descriptions that Will Get You Found Online

With the rise of social media, meta descriptions are more valuable than ever. Meta descriptions are little snippets that appear in search engine results and with links shared on social media sites. Here is the essential guide to crafting meta descriptions that will help your content get found online. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published February 1, 2012

47 Essential Social Media Tools for Content Marketers

It’s hard to believe the sheer number of social media tools we use everyday to help grow the Content Marketing Institute and SocialTract, as well as my own personal brand.  Since there are so many, I decided to update this … Continue reading

By Barry Feldman published February 1, 2012

The Essential Playbook for Winning the Content Marketing Super Bowl

In the big game of content marketing, scoring points means expanding your audience and establishing authority with your fans. Here are 7 points that outline winning plays that will soon have you celebrating. Continue reading