Author: Stephanie Stahl

When UBM acquired the Content Marketing Institute in June 2016, I became the General Manager. As a long-time consumer of CMI content and a multi-year attendee of Content Marketing World, I was thrilled to welcome this amazing and talented team to the UBM family. Previously, I served as VP of Content Marketing for UBM’s technology portfolio, providing strategic guidance on content development, content optimization, audience engagement, and go-to-market platforms for our technology clients. I’ve worked for UBM for more than two decades, helping shape new multimedia content and event offerings. I also served as editor in chief of InformationWeek for many years. I live in the Washington, DC area with my husband, two teenage daughters, and many pets. You can find me on Twitter @editorstahl and LinkedIn.

By stephanie-stahl published March 26, 2017

Email Drip Campaigns: How to Make Them Smart and Blunder-Free

email-drip-campaignEmail drip campaigns can be powerful and effective ways to build a loyal audience and share your great content with prospects and customers. But they can also fail miserably. Common — but easily avoidable — mistakes are enough to make babies cry and ruin your sender reputation.

During CMI’s ContentTECH virtual event, Gini Dietrich, CEO at Arment Dietrich Inc. and author of Spin Sucks, and Mike Madden Sr., demand generation program manager at Marketo, offered tips and techniques to make your campaigns smart and blunder-free.Continue Reading

By stephanie-stahl published November 14, 2016

A Simple Trick to Make Your Content Magnetic and Memorable


When visiting my twin sister’s office recently, I pretended to be her and chatted about five minutes with her assistant. It was hard to keep a straight face, but until my sister walked in, he had no idea I was Stephanie and not Melanie. Yes, we’ve pulled that trick a number of times in our many decades of twin life. Most of our close friends can easily tell us apart, but for others it can be disarming. But it’s all in good fun!

There, I’ve told you something personal about myself. There is a lot I could tell you about me that goes beyond my standard corporate bio, and I think B2B content writers need to consider going beyond the corporate template more often.Continue Reading