Author: Roger C. Parker

A lifelong content marketer, copywriter, and author, Roger enjoys helping clients write books and simplify their content marketing. Follow @RogercParker on LinkedIn at ContentMarketingHelp. Download a free copy of his 4-page 8 Commitments of Content Marketing Success.

By roger-c-parker published June 6, 2012

A Checklist for Measuring Your Content Marketing Success

Halfway point content assessment, CMIAs 2012’s halfway point approaches, I’d like to share a simple, seven-step checklist to help you evaluate your 2012 content marketing success.

Granted, many large firms, and those who serve them, already have content marketing monitoring and tracking systems in place. These, however, are often aimed at measuring response to specific articles, blog posts, and sign-up incentives.

My goal, however, is to encourage a wider spectrum of businesses and self-employed professionals to take a fresh look at their content marketing from a broader, long-term perspective.Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published April 30, 2012

3 Tips for Increasing Your Content Productivity

Productivity is a universal challenge in content marketing, where success often depends on consistent performance, not isolated genius.

Under the right circumstances, many professionals are capable of preparing great content for blogs, books, and online sign-up incentives. But only a few can consistently produce quality marketing content on a daily basis.

Those who do usually have a system or process in place to help them meet the daily deadline challenge.Continue Reading