Author: Roger C. Parker

A lifelong content marketer, copywriter, and author, Roger enjoys helping clients write books and simplify their content marketing. Follow @RogercParker on LinkedIn at ContentMarketingHelp. Download a free copy of his 4-page 8 Commitments of Content Marketing Success.

By roger-c-parker published December 5, 2012

Write the Best Titles for Content Marketing: A 10-Point Checklist

content marketing titlesBefore writing, promoting, and publishing your next book, eBook, or content marketing premium (i.e., a report, SlideShare presentation, video, white paper, etc.), take a moment to make sure you’ve chosen the best possible title.Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published November 16, 2012

Content Marketing Checklist: 22 To-dos for SlideShare Success

content marketing checklist for slideshare presentationsThe following checklist, questions, and tips form a system that can help you proof and improve the quality of the SlideShare presentations you create using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Proofing is a crucial step in using SlideShare for content marketing, as it involves more than just simply checking for spelling errors or transposed numbers.Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published October 26, 2012

11 Ways to Use SlideShare for Content Marketing Success

use slideshare for content marketing successSlideShare is more than just a way to share your presentations online; it can be a powerful content marketing tool that can turbocharge all of your publishing endeavors.

Regardless of the reasons why you’re publishing — whether it’s to generate leads, build your list, educate your prospects, enhance user satisfaction, or promote your informational products — you can use SlideShare at every step of your process as you plan, write, promote, and profit from the content you create in the form of print books, eBooks, reports, tip sheets, white papers, and more.Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published October 8, 2012

7 Readability Tips for Designing Engaging Content

If your content isn’t being designed for easy readability (the measure of how easy it is for prospects to read the words in your message), it could be what’s standing between you and content marketing success.

With so many competing messages available just a click away, our print and online messages must be as easy to read as possible.

Readability is not something that can be reserved for formal publications like annual reports or four-color brochures. All of our content marketing messages should be easy to read.Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published September 20, 2012

Top 10 Mind Mapping Productivity Tips for Content Marketing Success

mind mapping productivity tips - cover imageMind mapping is a content marketing productivity tool that involves both an approach and a specific category of software.

Mind mapping adds a visual dimension to words and ideas, helping content marketers handle today’s challenges of complexity, increased responsibilities, and information overload.

A recent study by Innovation Trend’s Chuck Frey, for example, revealed that not only did mind mapping immediately and significantly enhance most user’s productivity, the more they used mind mapping, the more productive they became. Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published September 13, 2012

This 7-Step Content Marketing Plan Earned an $87 Million Paycheck

In a recent interview, Marcus Sheridan referred to content marketing as the “weapon Davids use to slay Goliaths every day.”

Marcus’s words resonated deeply with me. That’s because, long before content marketing came of age, I watched it help a David Seattle retailer slay its Goliath competitors and go on to an $87 million buyout and a nationwide presence.Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published August 22, 2012

How to Create an Idea Dashboard to Track Your Favorite Content Ideas

Content marketing productivity involves more than just creating great content, it also involves tracking and applying the good ideas you find in the blog posts you read each week.

Each week, for example, you encounter a staggering amount of information and good ideas. Even if you only read the 10 new blog posts that appear each week on the Content Marketing Institute blog, and the average blog post only contains five ideas, that’s still a lot of information to absorb and catalog for future reference.Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published August 7, 2012

A 2-Step Editorial Calendar Template that Can Boost Your Content Marketing Productivity

Looking to increase your content marketing productivity? To get yourself started, try using this two-step approach to creating an editorial calendar:Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published June 26, 2012

An Easy Planning Worksheet that Will Jump-Start Your Content Marketing Productivity

easy planning worksheet, CMIThis Express Content Planner work sheet addresses the hardest part of any content marketing project — overcoming inertia and getting started.

The faster you choose a topic and identify an approach, the sooner you can begin to write. The sooner you begin to write, the more time you’ll have available for editing and revision — where the real work takes place! Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published June 13, 2012

7 Top Productivity Books for Content Marketing Success

top books for content marketing, CMIContent marketing success requires consistent individual and team productivity.

Content marketing productivity requires more than a knowledge of the latest best practices, tools, and techniques. On both individual and departmental levels, success involves acknowledging and accommodating the “human elements” that often undermine well-intentioned efforts by talented individuals.

If you are looking to become more productive, check out the seven books below. Each offers a different perspective on the overlap between the creative, writing, and project management competence needed for consistent high-level content marketing productivity.Continue Reading