Author: Roanne Neuwirth

Roanne Neuwirth helps companies engage their executive clients to build deeper relationships. She has worked with a wide-ranging client base, including IBM, GTE Sprint, Wells Fargo, and Chevron. Follow her on Twitter @RoanneNeuwirth.

By roanneneuwirth published January 5, 2016

Reach Executives With Your Best Content Engine:  Your Clients


Looking for a surefire source for topical, relevant content that grabs your executive audience? Look no further than your own clients. At a minimum, you develop some compelling stories to share with clients and prospects. Done well, content co-creation can help you create a powerful voice, build a market, and deepen important client relationships.Continue Reading

By roanneneuwirth published September 2, 2015

How to Choose Content Topics That Get C-Suite Attention


To connect with busy executives, you need content that taps directly into the C-suite’s most pressing priorities and concerns. Get the topic right and you can sustain an ongoing conversation with your most valuable audience across all the communications channels where you engage them.

How do you find topics that are compelling to the C-suite and make sense for your company to tackle? We have found three core ingredients in C-suite-worthy content: client relevance, credibility, and innovative value … and the elusive content trifecta is securing a topic in the sweet spot where those three come together.Continue Reading

By roanneneuwirth published April 12, 2015

Engage the C-Suite Through a Client Advisory Board

Advisory-Board-A-neuwirth-coverConnecting with hard-to-reach C-level clients remains an ongoing challenge for marketers. More should consider creating a client advisory board, which when done right, provides traction with your most coveted clients.

Let’s start by clarifying the concept of a client advisory board. The term is used fairly broadly to describe a range of marketing- and sales-related activities, which all contribute in their own ways but are designed differently and provide separate outcomes.Continue Reading

By roanneneuwirth published January 5, 2015

Start Small to Show Content Marketing Value to Your C-Suite

JustDoIt_Art_Neuwirth Though content marketing has firmly established itself as critical for connecting with customers across industries and companies of all sizes and types, many marketers still struggle internally to get resources and attention from the executive team to get a program off the ground. Some company leaders fear letting go of traditional views about how marketing should operate; reallocating dollars to content marketing seems risky. Others view creating an idea culture in a product-focused environment with skepticism. And spending your time and effort to build the case for content marketing takes up scarce resources that should be spent elsewhere.

Continue Reading

By roanneneuwirth published September 21, 2014

Why White Papers Still Matter: Their Role in Effective Content Marketing

pen on reportContrary to headlines in the marketing press, the white paper is not dead. While versions of the concept have proliferated and greatly diluted its potential power, if done right the white paper continues to serve as the basis of highly effective content marketing. The question is, what is the best way to leverage this old marketing workhorse given our plugged-in, multi-channel world?Continue Reading

By roanneneuwirth published April 12, 2014

How Content Creators Can Provide the Actionable Relevance the C-Suite Needs

online symbols-attachments-sms-Armies of content developers are packaging research results, expert opinions, and success stories into papers, podcasts, videos, and events… all of them rich with hard-earned insights. But does all this content fuel business development efforts? Does it help your sales executives educate customers struggling to make good decisions and get results? Continue Reading

By roanneneuwirth published November 1, 2013

How to Design a Compelling Demand Generation Strategy for the C-Suite

c-suite salesThe elusive C-suite sale. Marketers spend large amounts of time and energy digging deep into their demand generation toolkits to access executives and try to get them to buy, only to find themselves facing silence, disinterest or, at best, a pass-off to their team. But for large-scale B2B sales in particular, it’s critical to create a content plan and engagement strategy to break through to this lucrative and powerful buyer. Continue Reading

By roanneneuwirth published October 23, 2012

5 Event Content Strategies for Shaping Exceptional Executive Conferences, Forums

When it comes to content marketing, much is written about narrative-based content (i.e., the written word). Often overlooked is the role of in-person content — content shared through events — to engage with customers and prospects. And for marketers trying to connect with top executives, getting them to attend an event like a salon, forum, conference, or client roundtable can be particularly daunting. Continue Reading

By roanneneuwirth published August 1, 2012

How to Conduct Research to Engage Executives

conduct research to engage executives, CMIIn my recent article Creating Content that Connects with the C-Suite, I talked about the importance of data in creating content that impresses executives. Executives value data, and companies have responded by conducting surveys. But, this “research” often falls short because it is not at the level needed for this audience. If you are creating research for executive clients and prospects, there are several elements to consider.Continue Reading

By roanneneuwirth published May 8, 2012

How to Reach the C-Suite with Content

Content marketers spend lots of time and money creating just the right content to engage their customers and prospects, but much of it goes unheeded by the most coveted of audiences — the C-suite. Executives are a challenging audience, but because of their clout and buying power, it is well worth cracking the code on executive content. This is particularly true for B2B marketers, where executive relationships are so core to big ticket, ongoing spending. Continue Reading