Author: Michele Linn

Michele is the Vice President of Content at the Content Marketing Institute. She is one of those people who truly loves what she does and who she works with. You can follow her on Twitter at @michelelinn.

By mlinn published July 21, 2015

3 Worlds Unite: Content Marketing, Content Strategy, and Intelligent Content


At the Content Marketing Institute, we talk a lot about content marketing, content strategy, and intelligent content. And we have a lot (a lot) of internal conversations around how these fit together – and specifically why marketers need to understand each and how we at CMI can best help.

The short answer: What makes your brand exceptional is the entire set of experiences people have related to your organization. The experiences created by your content marketing go only so far.Continue Reading

By mlinn published July 2, 2015

3 Content Strategy Practices That Will Make You a Better Content Marketer


My recent revelation: When I write, my audience is always top of mind. However, when I look across all of CMI’s websites and channels, I worry that we’re not providing an exceptional experience for our community at all points. For instance, we may have answers to people’s questions, but can people find what they need? Is every point in their experience a good one?

While I continue to refine my content marketing skills, I also am turning more of my attention to content strategy.Continue Reading

By mlinn published June 23, 2015

The One Content Marketing Question You Need to Ask (That May Scare You)


“The latest issue of CCO didn’t arrive. Can you please verify that I am still on your list?”

While this comment may seem problematic, I can’t think of a better compliment. Someone is missing the content we are publishing.Continue Reading

By mlinn published May 28, 2015

Content Reuse: A Super-Simple Way to Get Started


This is a story of content reuse in action. At Content Marketing Institute, we collect content marketing examples to share with our audience. We used to collect content marketing examples in an ad hoc way, but we have recently started to collect these in a systematic way that lends itself to reuse – and time savings for our team.

Maybe you can relate to how we use to do things?Continue Reading

By mlinn published May 8, 2015

Stop the Checklist Mentality: Why You May Not Need a New Video, Podcast or Infographic

video-podcast-infographic-coverAdmittedly, I was cranky with sick kids and snow days when I started this post (OK, rant), but even though spring and health are upon us my feelings haven’t changed:

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.Continue Reading

By mlinn published May 7, 2015

Put Users at the Center of Your Content Strategy: A Look at This American Life


Any This American Life  junkies out there? This public radio show, which reaches over 2 million listeners every week, captures extraordinary stories of ordinary Americans. We fans are a passionate crowd. We easily recall our favorite episodes. My friends often hear me say, “Did you catch that story of  . . . ?” (Don’t even get me started on the episode about the blind boy who rode a bicycle.)

While I could go on and on about these stories and how  they’re told, what I want to talk about here are the intelligent ways this team presents these stories – this content – to listeners.Continue Reading

By mlinn published March 1, 2015

The Next Generation of Content Marketing: 6 Insights About Intelligent Content

Linn-Intelligent-Content-CoverIn a few of the interviews I have done recently, people have asked some variation of the question: What gets you most excited about content marketing these days?

While I’m constantly interested in and thinking about content, one of the ideas that excites me most is intelligent content and the conversation that surrounds it.Continue Reading

By mlinn published January 2, 2015

10 Research-Driven Insights about Content Marketers in 2015


Each year we publish a series of core research reports that highlights the state of content marketing:

While you can read the individual findings at the links above, it’s useful to look at the trends and differences across each of these markets.Continue Reading

By mlinn published January 1, 2015

A Blueprint to Jump-Start Your Content Marketing Strategy


Even though CMI’s mission is to advance the practice of content marketing, we find that a lot of people still need help with the basics. Even more specifically, people need help connecting the dots with all of the information available (and, according to Google Trends, searches for content marketing have been skyrocketing).

In 2014, we published a series of posts to help marketers get back to the basics of content marketing or to improve what they are doing. In case you missed some or all of the series, here is a quick primer.Continue Reading

By mlinn published December 29, 2014

125+ Most Thought-Provoking Tweets from the 2014 #CMWorld Twitter Chats


If you’re not making friends, you’re doing it wrong #contentmarketing #CMWorld

Andy Crestodina @crestodina

This sentiment from Andy Crestodina aptly describes our feelings about our #CMWorld Twitter chat community, which is hundreds of content marketers strong.Continue Reading