Author: Melanie Seibert

Melanie Seibert is a content strategist at Razorfish in Austin, Texas. If you’re nearby and you want to learn more about content strategy, join her Getting Started With Content Strategy course at General Assembly. A user experience enthusiast, she has written and managed marketing copy and technical documentation for companies that include Rackspace, cPanel, and Crutchfield. You can read her blog or follow her on Twitter at @melanie_seibert.

By melanie-seibert published March 31, 2016

A Take on 3 Confusing Terms: Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy


Are you looking for a job – or looking to hire someone – in a field associated with “content marketing” or “content strategy” or “content marketing strategy”? Do these terms pop up regularly in your reading and your conversations? If so, you know that people often misuse them.Continue Reading