Author: Marcus Varner

Over the last 9 years, Marcus has worked in every type of content—from writing to video production to design—and is currently a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Workfront. His focus is always on breaking through the clutter while engaging audiences with brands' most foundational messaging. He currently oversees all corporate- and awareness-level level content at Workfront. Follow him on Twitter @MarcusWorkfront.

By marcus-varner published April 10, 2017

Screwed Up Priorities? 5 Reasons You Aren’t Working on the Right Content Projects

working-right-content-projectsBy all accounts, Dwight D. Eisenhower was a pretty smart guy – one of just a handful of U.S. presidents who made it to the Oval Office without having held any type of elected office.

Eisenhower may never have served as a governor or a senator, but he did manage to win a little conflict known as World War II, as the commander of the Allied forces in Europe. Can you imagine a higher-stakes situation in which to prioritize your daily decisions and tasks? Yet he found a way, pioneering what’s known as the Eisenhower Matrix, later popularized in business circles by Stephen Covey.Continue Reading

By marcus-varner published February 15, 2017

7 Ways to Accelerate Your Content Review and Approval


As a content marketer, you have so much of the planning and execution phases in your control. You drive forward, setting up tasks to be done and milestones to be hit, and then knocking them down one by one. You have a tangible feeling of accomplishment and momentum. Everything’s running on time. The finish line is in view. You can almost taste victory when BAM! You hit the wall – the review and approval phase.

Suddenly, that feeling of accomplishment is gone. Momentum: gone. Your delivery date: blown. Instead, you feel like your coffee has been spiked and reality is tumbling in slow motion out of your grasp. Your once-vibrant, healthy project has mutated into a delayed, unrecognizable mess.Continue Reading

By marcus-varner published November 28, 2016

4 Ways to Use Data to Better Understand Your Content Production Process


“When can you get started on that blog post?”

“When will you have that e-book done?”

If you’re like many content creators, these questions can bring on an outbreak of cold sweat, an uneasy feeling in your gut, or even a full-blown panic attack. But why?Continue Reading