Author: Lisa Murton Beets

Lisa Murton Beets is the director of CMI Books and is overseeing several new CMI research initiatives. She has deep experience as a B2B journalist, custom media projects director, and business book and publications editor. Follow her on Twitter @LisaBeets.

By lisa-murton-beets published January 29, 2013

How Manufacturers are Managing Content Marketing: 7 B2B Insights

content marketing researchThe Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs recently published research on B2B and B2C Content Marketing in our 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends reports. While the findings give us insight into how B2B and B2C marketers are managing content marketing, we were still curious about the state of content marketing in specific key industries, and how content efforts in vertical markets were differing from those of their peers in other industries.

We decided to first look at marketers who work for B2B manufacturing organizations in North America. This group has adopted content marketing at a slightly higher rate (94 percent) than their North American B2B peers across all industries (91 percent).Continue Reading