Author: Kristina Podnar

Kristina is a management consultant who works with Fortune 500, government, and not-for-profit organizations to solve their toughest challenges related to IT and digital governance. She has a BA in International Studies, an MBA in International Business from the Dominican University of California, and is a certified Change Management Practitioner (APMG International) and a Project Management Professional (Project Management Institute). Follow Kristina on Twitter @kpodnar.

By kristina-podnar published December 8, 2016

One Surprising Way to Inject More Creativity Into Your Marketing


Let’s be honest. As a marketer, do you love standards for creating and managing content in the digital world or do you, like many of the people I talk with, consider them an unnecessary hindrance to creativity? If you find yourself in the latter camp or if you’re not sure of the value of digital standards or even what they are, I hope that you’ll read on. When digital standards are positioned correctly within an organization, they not only give your audience better content experiences, but they also boost your team’s creativity.Continue Reading

By kristina-podnar published November 3, 2016

Automating Your Customer Interactions: Get Ready for Chatbots


This piece was co-written by Kristi Colleran, co-founder and chief customer and product officer at

“Markets are conversations,” the Cluetrain Manifesto said in 1999. Today’s markets are more conversational than ever, especially as more and more companies create chatbots for messaging apps. Chatbots (details below) enable us as marketers to do something that we’ve only ever been able to dream of doing: personalize content delivery and have meaningful conversations with customers at scale.Continue Reading