Author: Jodi Harris

Jodi Harris is the Director of Editorial Content & Curation at Content Marketing Institute. As a content strategy consultant, Jodi helps businesses evaluate their content needs and resources; build infrastructure and operations; and create compelling stories to be delivered across multiple media channels and platforms. Follow Jodi on Twitter at @Joderama.

By jodimedia published August 18, 2011

3 Tips from Surprising Content Marketing Geniuses

I believe you don’t necessarily need to be a genius to be good at content marketing. Not that the two are mutually exclusive, but at the very least, if you have the drive, some creative flair, a bit of insight, and a passion for your product, you’ll find a way to meet your goal of connecting with consumers by creating quality content.

While it’s obviously a benefit to be smart, skilled, and open to experimenting with available tools, techniques, and formulas, content marketing today is as much an art as it is a science. And so who better to provide some great marketing tips than some artists and entertainers who could be considered brilliant — if unexpected — content innovators.

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By jodimedia published June 10, 2011

Should Content Marketers Buy Into Content Farms?

For anyone who has worked as a professional journalist, it’s certainly easy to look at the digital landscape and see the signs of a Rapture of sorts. We are seeing plenty of heated battles over intellectual property and content ownership. Magazines and newspapers have crumbled as quickly as if they were hit with massive earthquakes. Blogs, Facebook, and a pestilent little Tweeting bird are eating the newspaper’s lunch, breaking the day’s news much faster and more efficiently than any well-researched and fact-checked publication could hope to do.

And then there’s one of the newest scapegoats in journalism’s predicted end of days: the content farm. Both revered for its profitable, prolific capabilities and reviled for marginalizing the role of the well-trained writing pro, these low-cost, mass-produced article creation engines are making a real impact on the business of content marketing.

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