Author: Jake Athey

Jake Athey is the director of marketing at Widen and an integral member of the content strategy team. He oversees and manages all of the moving parts of content strategy, brand consistency, sales, and more. He believes that intelligent content, powered by intelligent technology, can be life-changing for marketers and their business. Follow Jake on Twitter @JakeAthey.

By jake-athey published August 25, 2016

Why Content Marketers Need Digital Librarians


When you or your marketing team members need a graphic, a photo, or a video from your own content collection (that is, your content library), can you go right to it? Or do you call that what-would-we-do-without-you person who knows where everything is?

If you call for help — whether your content library resides in a digital asset management (DAM) system, a content management system, some other kind of repository, or a patchwork of shared folders — it may be time to call in a digital librarian.Continue Reading