Author: Irina Weber

Irina Weber is a blogger and marketing manager of SE Ranking. She creates and develops new marketing campaigns, writes articles about online marketing, social media, conversion optimization on popular websites like Jeff Bullas, WordTracker, Onblastblog and other authoritative websites. If you have any questions, you can reach her on Twitter.

By irina-weber published July 5, 2017

20 Lesser-Known Tools for Smart Content Creators

tools-smart-content-creatorsSteve Jobs once said “Real artists ship.”

If you want to make your content marketing strategy successful, you need to regularly ship (i.e., deliver) great content. Using the right tools is crucial to maximize productivity. The right tools help you create more and better content with ease.

Though 56% of marketers have a bunch of content marketing tools in their arsenal, discovering the best ones for your specific needs can be a challenge.

I am going to show a list of little-known tools (free and paid), from headline analyzers, research resources, meme-makers, and more that will help you make your content research and creation easier and faster.Continue Reading

By irina-weber published March 9, 2016

Out of Ideas? 13+ Tools to Spark Content Creation


At one point, my ideas didn’t do the trick in terms of producing new, engaging, and relevant content. I’m sure you can relate.

It dawned on me that I needed to change my strategy and fully embrace this sentiment from Kevin Roberts: “Ideas are the currency of the future.”Continue Reading