Author: Amanda Nelson

Amanda Nelson is senior manager of AppExchange content and community at She has a content marketing and community management background and has worked in account management for interactive and full service advertising agencies. Follow her on Twitter @amandalnelson.

By amanda-nelson published February 29, 2016

22 Ways to Promote Your E-Book


Marketers often pour their efforts, resources, and budgets into developing an e-book only to move on once the landing page is live. Your e-book could be the next game-changing, Content-Marketing-Award-winning, produce-into-a-major-motion-picture piece, but without promotion, nobody will click, download, read, or even see it.

Promoting an e-book goes beyond creating a landing page, tweeting a link, and emailing it to your customers. Those are the staple moves, much like serving turkey and dressing at Thanksgiving dinner.Continue Reading