By Pamela Muldoon published February 12, 2015

Bill Boorman Turned Failure and Honesty into #Tru Business


We often hear that when we give valuable information at no cost to an audience, the benefits can be incremental. In this episode of The Pivot, Todd Wheatland is joined by a man who proves this theory to be #Tru. Listen to the marketing back story of Bill Boorman, Founder and Host of #Tru events, the recruiting training “unconference,” that has grown to over 300 events a year since its London debut in 2009.

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What may surprise you

  • His father died when Bill was 3 months old.
  • Bill is the youngest of five siblings.
  • He attended boarding school beginning at age 7.
  • He started at a recruiting agency at age 16.
  • At 21, he managed up to 40 people at the agency where he was working.
  • Bill launched the first recruitment-training school for recruiters in London.
  • Bill ran 27 marathons in four years, including 15 in one year when he ran three in three days.

Bill’s pivot

Bill helped a large recruiting agency grow from six to 175 offices over 12 years. He took on the roles as needs came up, from creating brochures to opening national accounts to training staff. When he finally took some much-needed vacation, he realized that he had been away too much from his children’s lives and something needed to change. He left the company and started his own training business. Four years in, after a good amount of success, the economy shifted and so did the need for hiring-recruitment training. Closing the business, declaring bankruptcy, and taking an honest look at his life was a turning point. Bill jumped onto social media and began connecting with people from all over the world. These connections brought about the opportunities for his next chapter in business and life.

Give away your information

Bill made a conscious decision after shutting down his business that anyone regardless of title or financial background should have access to information for free. His social media connections allowed him to come to the United States and present his wealth of knowledge. As he learned about the “unconference” approach to an event, he knew that was what he wanted to create. By giving away information and knowledge, the rest would fall into place. And for Bill, it definitely has. He is the first to admit that his #Tru events will not make him rich. However, the connections and opportunities that spring from free access to information have provided him paid projects for his work with some of the biggest brands on the planet.

Give it away, give it all away. If people like what you do then they will want to work with you in one way or another.

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Author: Pamela Muldoon

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  • Cathy Mayhue

    Hi Pamela,

    Story of Bill is awe inspiring and so is his philosophy of giving more to earn more. This approach towards life though is not unique, it has been propagated by lots of religions but very few practice it. Most of us are selfish and like to hold on to every thing we have, including knowledge. Never realizing that more we share our knowledge with others, more people will trust and love us, leading us to become an invaluable brand.

    Cathy Mayhue