By Pamela Muldoon published January 22, 2015

Co-Founder Tells How Kapost Bloomed

Pivot_TobyMurdock-01As content marketing continues to explode as an industry, so does the need for technology platforms to support, leverage, and enhance the content creation process. One of those technology platforms is Kapost. In this episode of The Pivot, Todd Wheatland talks with Co-Founder and CEO Toby Murdock about leading his talented team and pushing personal limits along the way.

What may surprise you

  • Toby was a flower grower in Ecuador for two years after college.
  • While in Ecuador, Toby met his wife, who is from Vermont but was there on a volunteer program.
  • When he returned to the United States he started a flower importing business.
  • In the ’90s Toby moved from flowers to technology, launching Qloud, which eventually was sold to Buzz Media.
  • Toby moved to Boulder, Colorado to launch Kapost because that is where he wanted to live.
  • Kapost was originally focused on media companies. Some of its first clients: Time Inc., Mashable, Gannett, and CBS.

Toby’s pivot

Toby will be the first to tell you that though it may seem as if the Kapost team had incredible foresight to launch their content management platform just as content marketing was becoming an industry, that wasn’t the case. Kapost initially was designed for publishing and media brands. Of course, the traditional media industry was on the decline so Toby had to think of another way to keep his technology platform moving forward. The inaugural Content Marketing World conference in 2011 was just the place for Toby and the Kapost team to pivot their audience as brands began looking for ways to become publishers. They “bet the farm” on content marketing and the rest, as they say, is history.

You’re only on this planet once

Launching a startup is not easy. But this is exactly why Toby loves what he does. He feels it’s important to push oneself to your limits and get outside of your comfort zone. That is where the magic happens. Founding Kapost, building the business, and growing the team have pushed Toby beyond what he thought were his limits. In an industry that changes and evolves every day, going beyond what we think we are capable of doing often can make what we deliver better and more interesting. We can each take a lesson from Toby on this one.

Part of the reason I decided to do startups is (that) we live on the planet once, and I want to operate at my fullest capacities. I want to be able to express to the fullest what I’m capable of doing and what I’m made of … I found doing a startup to be extremely challenging despite the good fortune I’ve told you about, despite us finding ourselves in a place where the wind is blowing strongly at our back, it’s really, really hard.

Listen to Todd’s full interview with Toby Murdock here:

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  • rogercparker

    In addition to the words leading up to the last paragraph of the summary, above, I found it refreshing to hear an individual so enthusiastic, and committed, to his home town–looking to share his success with the community.

    Of course, having enjoyed the Boulder climate and sunshine, I can understand why!

    • Todd Wheatland

      Absolutely, Roger. Toby’s got a refreshing take on the world!

  • Brian Clark

    Great hearing from Toby. It used to be we’d have lunch, but it seems we’re both pretty busy these days. 😉

    • Todd Wheatland

      Lunch does seem like a pipe-dream concept sometimes… thanks for listening, Brian.