By Pamela Muldoon published November 11, 2014

How to Extend the Life of Your Audio and Podcast Content

Next_ArnieKuenn-01Often we think we need to create new content to be effective. Instead, why not ask the question, “How can we leverage what already exists to give it new legs and reach a new audience?”

As the Podcast Network Director for the newly launched CMI Podcast Network, I am fortunate to work with an amazing team of content professionals who not only believe in editorial-calendar integration, but are committed to working together to provide our audience quality content that can be taken audibly, visually, and in written form.

While I am excited about my newest podcast, Content Marketing NEXT, which will bring you some of the best and brightest in content marketing through expert interviews, I am equally excited to use this podcast as an experiment in how to best integrate and repurpose audio across CMI and its social platforms. While I plan to share what I learn along the way, I thought it would be helpful to kick off the NEXT series with a general framework for repurposing content that you may be able to use for your audio

Leverage existing assets to build new content

I will leverage CMI’s assets, from events such as Content Marketing World and Intelligent Content Conference, as well as CCO magazine, by interviewing their speakers and influencers. In turn, the podcast episode content will be repurposed for other CMI content-marketing vehicles.

The first episode of Content Marketing NEXT is my interview with Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures who presented “Content Marketing 101” at CMW. His work heading up a successful agency in Phoenix and writing an award-winning book, Accelerate! Move Your Business Forward Through The Convergence of Search, Social and Content Marketing provided more than enough content for what turned out to be a fun, insightful, and forward-thinking interview.

Reaching out to other CMW speakers for my weekly Content Marketing NEXT episodes provides additional leverage for the content they shared in workshops and presentations and builds on existing influencer relationships for the organization.

In addition, this podcast series is broken into three distinct segments to ensure the opportunity to repurpose the interview content into other assets.

Segment one: What’s new, what’s now, what’s next

Each episode’s first segment is a conversational interview that allows the guest to share insights on what’s new in content marketing, what’s happening right now, and what’s coming in the near future.

Here are a few highlights from my interview with Arnie:

What’s new:

Arnie discusses the project launched by Vertical Measures earlier this year. The site is intended to provide information and education to marketing professionals to improve their confidence in positioning content marketing to the decision-makers in an organization.

Though many are still challenged with the need to explain how content marketing can be a valued investment, Arnie is the first to say he is also talking to more clients that are ready to build a content strategy – a definite shift over the past couple of years.

What’s now:

Arnie believes content marketing is still in the early stages. It seems companies are finally convinced that content is where they need to focus some resources, but they fail to understand that strategy is necessary for success. One of the key challenges he still sees when it comes to C-suite leaders is to get them to let go of the advertising mentality and try to create a long-term content program for the organization.

He also offers advice to individuals who want to stay current in content marketing – get out and network at industry events such as Content Marketing World. Attending events and conferences is critical to building a network, meeting presenters and brand representatives, and getting questions answered directly.

What’s next:

Arnie believes we will experience two important aspects of content marketing: More interactive content/premium level content and a resurgence of attention to SEO. Brands and agencies will dedicate resources to content that allows the audience to engage more directly as well as create bigger, longer-form content.

Google’s last algorithm updates placed more attention on content, which allows content marketers to build in SEO naturally. This requires optimization experts and content strategists to work together even more closely. Conducting content audits and reframing existing content will be key tactics for companies moving forward.

Up next for Arnie is his newest book, Content Marketing Works. He breaks down the eight-step process that his agency created. From client onboarding to developing strategy and content creation, this book will walk us through each of these components and more.

Ideas on how segment one can be repurposed

Here’s how CMI plans to repurpose the Content Marketing NEXT podcast series:

  • Every episode interview will be transcribed and quotes/comments pulled from the interview to repurpose into social posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Every quarter, answers from the “What’s NEXT” section will be repurposed into a blog post for CMI or ICC.
  • A custom image will be created to share on show notes and social media with each guest’s “What’s NEXT” response.

Segment two: Blast the buzzword

In each episode, segment two allows my guest to blast that one buzzword that drives them crazy.

Arnie’s buzzword: news-jacking. If Arnie had his way, he would require the concept of news-jacking to be reconsidered. Though a great marketing tactic, he says too many implement the real-time marketing moment without having a strong content foundation developed, leaving the news-jacking attempt to fall flat. He encourages brands and agencies to get back to the basics so that news-jacking content is a part of the organization and no longer considered a campaign or a one-off opportunity.

Idea on how segment two can be repurposed:

  • All of these buzzwords will be pulled together for an end-of-year recap to be shared either via blog post and/or SlideShare.

Segment three: In the hot seat

This segment is designed to get some personal insights and opinions from the guests. Questions range from asking about what innovation has helped them be a better content marketer to who has been their biggest influence in life. By asking multiple guests the same question, the answers can be tabulated into an additional collaborative piece, thus further leveraging the podcast content.

Here’s a recap of Arnie’s hot-seat Q&A:

Q1: What innovation in the last five years has made your life as a content marketer better?

Arnie is lovin’ the cloud. Whether it’s Google Drive, Dropbox, or Evernote, the cloud allows for easier collaboration among his staff and clients. The ability to store and share documents is critical to his agency and business.

Q2: If you weren’t doing what you are doing today, what other career would you have pursued?

Arnie cannot imagine not being an entrepreneur. However, he has always been intrigued with owning a manufacturing business. The idea of growing a business which makes and produces an actual product vs. services is intriguing to Arnie. Who knows? With his business-savvy spirit, Arnie may just accomplish this someday.

Q3: What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given, either personally or professionally? And, who gave this advice to you?

Though Arnie can’t recall the book or author, he read these words over 20 years ago, and they have stuck with him over time: “Don’t spend time worrying about things you cannot do anything about.” Focus on that which you can control and let go of that which you cannot. Wise words of advice that each of us can use.

Ideas on how segment three can be repurposed:

  • Every quarter, the answers to the same set of questions from our 13 guests will be tabulated and repurposed into a SlideShare deck.
  • The answers will also be repurposed into a quarterly blog post for CMI.

Now it’s your turn

Not only can a podcast be an excellent form of audio content for a brand or organization, but it can also be the catalyst to additional content ideas and additional leverage for existing content assets. What other ways can a podcast be repurposed to create a more robust editorial calendar? We would love to hear your ideas. Please share in the comments below.

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Want to learn even more on podcasts from the experts and speakers at Content Marketing World? Check out our Video on Demand portal.

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Author: Pamela Muldoon

Pamela Muldoon is the Podcast Network Director for the CMI Podcast Network. In her role with CMI, she assists the podcast hosts with the development, production, distribution and promotion of their shows. Pamela is a veteran podcaster who can be heard on the CMI Podcast Network with her latest show "Content Marketing NEXT". To date, she has interviewed over 200 business and marketing professionals as part of her podcast formats. She is also a professional VoiceOver talent specializing in commercial, narration, eLearning, and promo projects. Learn more at or Follow her on Twitter @pamelamuldoon.

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  • Guest

    Hi Pamela,

    I love your ideas for repurposing content from your podcasts. Why not create a graphical image for your buzzword every month with a quote from the speaker about they hate it. It’s perfect for sharing on social media. I’m thinking something like the ones CMI use on Facebook. You could do the same for a choice “Hotseat” quote, too.

    • globalcopywrite

      Not sure why this showed up as a ‘guest’ comment but it belongs to me. Here’s an example of a graphic I was referring to.

      • Pamela Muldoon

        I love repurposing content into social images! The show notes/blog post images are just that for sure. We do the same for Todd Wheatland’s podcast The Pivot. We are finding there is a lot of image opportunity with quotes to use from podcasts. Thanks, Sarah!

  • rogercparker

    Fascinating description of content development and repurposing–the examples were very helpful. Looking forward for upcoming episodes.

    • Pamela Muldoon

      Thank you! I am definitely working with “the end in mind” as we launch this podcast for the CMI Podcast Network. I’m excited to see it play out over the coming months. Sort of a case study work in progress. :-)

  • Corey Petree

    Wonderful to hear discussion about this approach. We make video content, and always encourage our clients to work with us to repurpose assets as meaningful content in as many ways as possible, across all digital channels. Why not?!?!

    • Pamela Muldoon

      Why not, exactly Corey! So often we go for brand new when looking at what we currently have may be perfect. It just may need a bit of a rework. Thanks, Corey!

  • Chris Conner

    Think about your podcast like the game show “Jeopardy”. Every piece of content is the answer to one or more questions. Lay those out ahead of time and decide what other deliverable formats could also present the answers to those questions. If your Podcast answers 5 questions for your audience, you have material for 5 blog posts.

    In the other direction, a series of podcasts can be transcribed and assembled into an eBook.

  • Bill

    Podcast is taking its steps to marketing. And great list of repurposing ideas. Content marketing is still in its infancy and experts are still in the process of building strategies to leverage for obtaining traffic and increasing sales purposes.