By Michele Linn published March 6, 2013

Content Marketing World Sydney 2013: Killer Tweets from Day 2

It’s unanimous: The Content Marketing World team is enamored with Sydney and all of the people we have met at the conference (check out our team outings on Facebook, from Mardi Gras to one of the most beautiful walks we have ever been on). We’re all more than a little sad to bid adieu, but we are coming back in 2014!

Before we say goodbye, here are our favorite tweets from Wednesday’s sessions. You can also:

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A huge and sincere THANK YOU to everyone we met, especially those who were avid tweeters.


563519_546089285422038_271085317_n-1How Kraft Foods Mines Consumer Insights to Create Content that’s Always Spot On, Right Now, and Never Ever Boring
Julie Fleischer

Kraft Foods have a million subscribers to their *paid* print magazine Food & Family: @jfly at #cmworld Ppl will pay for GOOD branded content
(via @kimota)

Twice as many people renew their @Kraft mag subscription than other mag in the US. Proof point for successful #contentmarketing #cmworld
(via @michelle_ryan0)

#cmworld generating content that consumers find useful means more page impressions, more repeat visits, fewer ad dollars #contentmktg
(via @castlefordmedia)

4 types of content: entertainment, utility, information and community. Find where your brand has credibility – Fleischer from Kraft.#cmworld
(via @MarketingMag)

4 Titans of #ContentMarketing – Insightful, Charisma, Velocity and Timing: Julie Fleischer – Kraft Foods #cmworld
(via @Gareth_Lathey)

“Brands like to do what they’ve always done” – one of the biggest hurdles to funding content marketing #kraftfoods #cmworld
(via @PabloChappo)

31471_546089368755363_1125481609_nInside Social Media and Content Direct from The Voice Australia
Faustina Agolley

Going out on a limb and giving viewers what they want first & foremost is the guiding principle for
The Voice @faustinathefuzz at#cmworld
(via @BlueChip_Comm)

The Voice discovered they got more Twitter activity when they included avatars of the live tweets displayed on broadcast.#CMWorld
(via @Globalocopywrite)

3 simple guidelines from @faustinathefuzz with #social 1) have a conversation 2) you have to listen
3) be there in real time#cmworld
(via @Castlefordmedia)

People want information and they want it NOW. Even if it’s a teaser, timing is
essential! @faustinathefuzz #cmworld
(via @VanessaVeo)

@TheVoiceAU Delivers #content to viewers 24/7. #social tv on demand is the future of
tv @Faustinathefuzz #CMWorld
(via @King_Content)

@Faustinathefuzz by far most glamourous speaker #cmworld No
offence! @juntajoe @ToddWheatland @Jaybaer @Robert_Rose
(via @AideenMcDonald)

@TheVoiceAU offers social media mentoring to its contestants to protect them and help amplify them#cmworld
(via @venessapaech)

Content strategy track

The Commercial Business Models of Content Marketing
Vanessa Stoykov

Put 30% of your budget into content marketing and measure the results – easier than trying to find new budgets says @ceovanessa #cmworld
(via @AideenMcDonald)

Build it and they will come … but you need to keep reaching out to the audiences and be patient #cmworld @ceovanessa @evotv
(via @AideenMcDonald)

Always bring people back to your website for the fullest, most optimal experience. Allow tendrils, but love your hub! #cmworld
(via @venessapaech)

Excessive planning amplifies failure. Agile content helps cushion impact. #cmworld
(via @venessapaech)

Transcribing all video content helps with risk mitigation and delivers more content (also adds cost layer) #cmworld
(via @venessapaech)

Content Engagement: The Key to a Winning Content Marketing Strategy
Ayal Steiner

@Outbrain @juststeiner when there is search, there is intent. Therefore it is an area to consider for paid traffic #cmworld
(via @AideenMcDonald)

Hope is not a plan @juststeiner #cmworld
(via @VanessaVeo)

Get your title length from 60-100 characters to get more click through says @juststeiner @Outbrain #cmworld
(via @AideenMcDonald)

Time of day counts. See when people are engaging with what content to decide what to send out and when, says @juststeiner at #cmworld
(via @BlueChip_Comm)

Big Image = first impression, white space = quite space, paragraph is less than 5 line, more links (recommendation), …… #CMWorld
(via @infibility)

Nice chart by @juststeiner shows 10 day trend desktop (b) vs tablet (g) vs mobile (r) content consumed #cmworld
(via @MarkVozzo)

Define what you want to achieve and decide the appropriate channels before setting SMART KPIs #cmworld
(via @AideenMcDonald)

Integrating Content Marketing Into Your Existing Marketing Efforts
Robert Rose

First rule of content marketing: it doesn’t compete with your other marketing efforts. If done well, it only makes it better #cmworld
(via @BlueChip_Comm)

Make this your new marketing funnel @Robert_Rose#cmworld Do not stop once you have achieved the customer
(via @AideenMcDonald)

“The long tail of search is dead, dead, DEAD!” so says @Robert_Rose at #cmworld
(via @kimota)

Content marketing allows you to create defenders of a brand. It takes you further than just a transaction#brand advocates #cmworld
(via @michelle_ryan0)

“Anyone who is married has at least told one story that has converted one other person!” We can all tell stories. @Robert_Rose #cmworld
(via @kimota)

I agree with @Robert_Rose that companies need to tell stories that are remarkable
(via @MarkVozzo)

How to Build a Dynamic Content Strategy
Chris McWilliams

If you’re relying on something to go viral then you may be waiting some time, says @Mac_Content So best to keep at it just in case #cmworld
(via @BlueChip_Comm)

“Nobody has a monopoly on great ideas” Great quote from Barni Evansshared by @Mac_Content #cmworld
(via @cmicontent)

Don’t fear simplicity. Sometimes the best content is simple. If it hits your audiences where they live, it works. #cmworld
(via @BlueChip_Comm)

Apps of questionable taste didn’t work so well for Sportsbet BUT they learned from the experience – it’s part of the process #cmworld
(via @BlueChip_Comm)

Wrap up an old Irish saying: ‘May your journey be a successful one!’ spoken in Irish by Sportsbet’s Mac_Content at #cmworld
(via @BlueChip_Comm)

Social media and search track

10 Tips to Build an Audience with Content Marketing — Lessons from the Nightclub Dance Floor
Jonathan Crossfield

Nice, I love this analogy by @kimota: A nightclub floorplan to a content marketing plan #cmworld
(via @MarkVozzo)

Daleks on the door, K9 behind the bar? @Kimota gives solid insights from the nightclub to #contentmarketing #cmworld
(via @Gareth_Lathey)

“@Kimota: In 2012, Pinterest delivered 190m impressions to the Kraft Food website! @jfly #cmworld” holy smoke!
(via @MattLawton)

Outstanding speech by Jonathan Crossfield @kimota at #cmworld. Amazing similarities between being a DJ and social media.
(via @Rich_Ryan76)

@Kimota thanks for the brilliant insights at #cmworld Everything broken down in easy to understand analogies #truestoryteller
(via @DavidLyall)

Leveraging Celebrities and Influencers to Drive Your Blogging
Emma Cornwell, Holly Brisley and Tom Williams

NRMA uses celebritie (Tom Williams is in the house!) and influencers to change perceptions of brand and attract younger audience. #CMWorld
(via @Globalocopywrite)

NRMA now talking to 30K more < 40s than before thanks to productive relationships with influencers. Diversify the conversation #cmworld
(via @venessapaech)

Giving celebrities permission to socially broadcast on your behalf gives people a 360 degree experience ~ Tom Williams #cmworld
(via @venessapaech)

Emma Cornwell discusses the power of celebrity content on @live4au with @tomwilliams70 and @hollybrisley #CMWorld #cmworld
(via @King_Content)

10 Email Content Strategies You Need to Be Using Now
Jeff Rohrs

@jkrohrs kicking off his preso on how email & content marketing go hand-in-hand #cmworld @ Sheraton on…
(via @ryan_bonnici)

@jkrohrs superbly rankling the ’email is dead’ line. Nothing but linkbait. In fact, our channels are exploding, not dying. #cmworld
(via @venessapaech)

Email has gone up in user preference for receiving opt in marketing messages. People don’t take a break from email @jkrohs #cmworld
(Via @copywritemattrs)

@Jkrohrs shows us the explosion of marketing tactics we now have to manage/consider #cmworld
(via @DanielOysten)

Mobile wrld has “showrooming” where ppl shop w/phones in stores but prchase elswhre. Content is key to combat this. @jkrohrs from #cmworld
(via @Joderama)

ABBA > Always Be Building Audiences – @jkrohrs #cmworld
(via @ExactTargetAus)

Visual Storytelling: Slideshare and Video to Drive Leads and Sales
Todd Wheatland

@ToddWheatland up to talk about visual storytelling! Yes, lets make communication more visual to drive engagement #cmworld
(via @AideenMcDonald)

We like to share stuff that makes us look cool and we want content that is easy to consume on the go. So go make it. @ToddWheatland #cmworld
(Via @copywritemattrs)

@ToddWheatland says search engines will continue to access the social layer. #cmworld
(via @Globalocopywrite)

We have literally taken TVs off the wall and put them in our pockets says @ToddWheatland #cmworld
(via @AideenMcDonald)

“5 yrs ago the pressure on B2B marketers to entertain was low. Now we all need to engage more on an emotional level” @ToddWheatland #cmworld
(via @kimota)

Content mullet strategy – business at the front, party at the back to gain eyeballs…it’s not really sustainable. @ToddWheatland #cmworld
(Via @VanessaVeo)

Average B2B videos is now 45-90 secs #cmworld #videoblogging
(Via @TCconsultancy)

Author: Michele Linn

Michele is the Vice President of Content at the Content Marketing Institute. She is one of those people who truly loves what she does and who she works with. You can follow her on Twitter at @michelelinn.

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  • Anne Miles

    TV’s going off the wall and into our pockets’ certainly suits me! When you have a passion for creating good stuff to watch there’s nothing better than that. I’m sorry i missed this conference this year – a must for next!