By Joe Pulizzi published June 2, 2009

42+ Social Media Marketing Tools

Had a great time yesterday at the MagsU workshop on “Opening the Emedia Toolbox – Social Media Tools”. In the session, we reviewed numerous online tools on how to develop social media strategies for personal branding, new revenue streams, search engine optimization, new content initiatives and more for content providers/publishers.  Here’s a taste.  If you have some social media tools you’d like to add, post them in the comments. Special thanks to those who made recommendations.

The Basics

  • LinkedIn – Start the practice of connecting with every business card you receive from contacts.
  • Facebook – Consider a “Facebook Movement” – creating a topic or trend in Facebook outside of your personal or brand fan pages.
  • Twitter – A staple for all of us. Here’s a must read basics of Twitter article. (Courtesy of @mike_stelzner).
  • Google Profile – This is a Gold rush here.  Secure and verify your personal name (i.e., Joe Pulizzi – Content Marketing Expert), before someone else gets it.
  • Plaxo – organizes business contacts via the web (Courtesy of Judith Berkowitz).

Conversations and Listening

  • LinkedIn Answers – Listen and answer.
  • LinkedIn Groups – Find groups that make sense for your business.
  • Yahoo! Answers – Listen and answer questions. Position yourself as the expert.
  • Google Alerts – Get updates on who’s talking about you, your industry, your customers.
  • Google Groups – Find the group relevant to your job and get active.
  • Alltop – The digital magazine rack. Find the alltop for your industry – here’s content marketing.
  • Google Reader – Organize RSS feeds from media sites and blogs (courtesy Andrew Davies, Simon Henault).
  • Social Searcher –  Search social media.
  • Ning – Create your own social networking site (Courtesy of Kyra Reed).

Twitter Management

  • Tweetdeck – The ultimate Twitter management system.
  • Hootsuite – Manage multiple twitter accounts from one dashboard.
  • Twitterfeed – Set your RSS feeds to post automatically on Twitter.
  • Twitter Search – Find anything on Twitter real-time. For tagging, use the # (hash) tag (#magsu event)
  • Twilert – Twitter search alerts via email.
  • Yammer – It’s Twitter for inside the company walls (Courtesy of Paul Dunay)
  • Tagalus – Directory of Twitter hash tags (Courtesy of Kyra Reed)
  • MyTweeple – Manage tweets and followers. Especially good for managing multiple profiles (Courtesy of Laurie Dunlop).
  • Twitter Facebook App – Updates Facebook via Twitter (Courtesy of Greg Padley).
  • Selective Twitter Facebook App – Updates Facebook only when you use #fb (Courtesy of Greg Padley).
  • Seesmic – Managing with multiple accounts (Courtesy of Brad Hays).

Content Sharing

  • delicious – Share your content through bookmarking. Great way to share with teams (Courtesy of Michelle O’Hagan).
  • Slideshare – Upload your PowerPoint presentations for all to see.
  • YouTube – The #1 video sharing site.
  • Vimeo – an alternative to YouTube
  • Tubemogul – Distribute your video to them and they’ll spread it to other video sharing sites for you.
  • StumbleUpon – Randomly generates content for users by interest area.
  • – Content sharing site (great for tech and news).
  • Marketwire/PRWeb – Distribute your content using social media online news releases.
  • Google Custom Search – Set up your own niche search engine on your site or blog.
  • Scribd – Share original writings with others (Courtesy of Andrew Davis).
  • Squidoo – Set up your own targeted vertical content lens (Courtesy of Ambal Balakrishnan).
  • Flickr – Share/upload/find photos (Courtesy of Wendy Boyce).

Blogging/CMS Tools

  • WordPress – My recommendation for a blog CMS platform.  Our blog uses WordPress. I also recommend using this CMS for any small-business website (also courtesy of Tina Bentley).
  • TypePad – Set up and blog in just a few minutes. This blog uses TypePad (also courtesy of Britton Manasco).
  • Joomla – Another option for blogging/CMS platform.  Joomla users praise it.
  • Drupal – Extremely versatile CMS platform (Courtesy of Dan).
  • Technorati – Blog directory.  Find the blogs in your industry so that you know which ones to listen to.
  • IceRocket – Search for blogs and blog posts by category. IceRocket’s Trend Tool will tell you how “hot” your keyword is.
  • Google Blog Search – First rate blog search tool.
  • Tumblr – Post anything quickly and easily.
  • Zemanta – Great for adding additional content and links (Courtesy of Drew McLellan).
  • Posterous – Post to a blog by sending an email (Courtesy of Richard Shatto).
  • Tipjoy – Simple social media payments (Courtesy of Greg Padley).


  • Google Analytics – I recommend using Google Analytics even if you have a paid analytics service (Courtesy of Cim Buser).
  • Hubspot – I’m a customer. I use Hubspot to track the performance of my keywords and competitors’ keywords (Courtesy of Gretel Going).
  • Website Grader – Hubspot product that will grade your website on a number of analytics and social media indicators.  Great free tool!
  • Alexa – Some high-level information on website traffic for any site.
  • – Excellent comparison tool for web analytics-type information.
  • Quantcast – Provides good overview of analytics and site demographics (Courtesy of Kyra Reed).
  • Woopra – Analytics on steroids (Courtesy of Kyra Reed).


  • Google Apps – Runs all email and calendar functions through one place.  We use it and love it. Basic option is free.
  • Google Docs – Share Word documents, spreadsheets and presentations via secure invitations. Great for editing a document with multiple people involved.
  • Microsoft Live Workspace – Like Google Docs but with Microsoft. 5GB free space (courtesy Kate H).
  • Teamwork Project Manager – Easy-to-use project management tool.
  • BaseCamp – An alternative to Teamwork Project Manager. Also very easy to use.
  • aMember – Handles paid memberships for websites (Courtesy of Simon Payn).
  • Junta42 Match – Finds expert providers for web content projects.
  • Freemind – Open source mind-mapping software.
  • Mindmanager – One of the best mapping software programs around (Courtesy of Kavita Jhunjhunwala).
  • – It’s like Google Docs for mindmapping (Courtesy of George Kao).
  • – Save everyday work files…access from anywhere (Courtesy of Michelle O’Hagan).
  • – Outlook plugin that helps track down files easier (Courtesy of Craig Hodges).
  • – Free service to find professional service providers.

Other Cool Online Tools

  • Blinkplan – Creating flatplans for magazines (Courtesy of Kevin Lund).
  • Jing– To create screenshots for clients when something needs to be explained (Courtesy of Tom Deeter).
  • Gimp – Quickly edit images from Flickr (Courtesy of Tom Deeter)
  • VisualCV – Online social media resume (Courtesy of Michelle Corsano).

What did we forget?  Comment below…

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  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Joe – What a fab list!!!
    I think Twitter should be part of the basics :)
    – Mike

  • Joe Pulizzi

    Mike…ask and you shall receive. So moved!

  • Meg Guiseppi

    WOW! What a terrific, indepth list!
    I’ll definitely pass this on to my c-level executive clients as great starting point for e-branding.
    Thanks for taking the time to put together such an exhaustive list.

  • Kyra Reed

    Nice list!!
    I have a few that you missed:
    Tagalus – a dictionary for hashtags
    Woopra – analytics on steroids
    SEOBOOK Tools

  • Joe Pulizzi

    Kyra…excellent. I added the first four per your suggestion (see above).

  • Gaelen O’Connell

    Wonderful list, I’m going to compare it with the sites I already visit and dive into some new opportunities for Mindjet! I’m also excited to see MindManager here, I hope it is providing you with some nice value.

  • Sarah Evans

    Thanks so much for putting this together!

  • Brian Bearden

    Thanks for taking the time to put this list together. I will be glad to promote your site on my CNN Houston local radio program. This information will be valuable to my listeners.

  • Joe Pulizzi

    Thanks Brian…appreciate it. Let me know if you need anything else.

  • George Kao

    My favorite tool is — it’s like Google Docs for mindmapping. The free version is excellent. I pay for it to have unlimited mind maps.

  • Joe Pulizzi

    Thanks George…just added to the list!

  • Ambal Balakrishnan

    Joe: Great List! Thanx for putting this awesome list together. I would also like to add to your mega list. Squidoo is a popular publishing platform and community that makes it easy for you to create “lenses” online. Lenses are pages, kind of like flyers or signposts or overview articles, that gather everything you know about your topic of interest and put it all in one place.

  • Joe Pulizzi

    So added Ambal. Thanks

  • Niti Dhani

    Amazingly comprehensive list-all at one place! I am a social media enthusiast and like to read up on such news and posts. I also came across a series of webinars on the social media and business by Dave Evans-noted social media expert. The latest one on the social web and operations is today-you can register at-

  • Kate H

    This is truly an incredible list! I really appreciate the brief descriptions.
    One addition for the Operations List: Microsoft Office Live Workspace. It offers users the ability to create, save, access, and share documents and files online (5 GB of storage for free!) and fully supports the whole MS Office Suite. There is even a plug-in for MS Office that lets you save your files to your online Workspace directly from whichever Office program you are using.
    MSFT Office Live Outreach

  • Joe Pulizzi

    Thanks for reaching out Kate. So added.

  • Michelle Corsano

    Best Online Social Media Resume

  • Laurie Dunlop

    Thanks for compiling this wonderful resource page Joe! The categories are spot on. I also like It is a much quicker way to manage friends and followers, especially if you use targeted Twitter accounts for differernt customer profiles.

  • Joe Pulizzi

    Laurie/Michelle…great suggestions. Added above!

  • Cheryle

    Thanks for the great list, Joe. It’s especially helpful that you’ve broken everything down into categories and included brief descriptions. I will be sharing this with my peers at Xerox.

  • Greg Padley

    Here are a few more for the listing:
    simple social payments for great people
    twitter facebook app – update fb status via twitter
    twitter fb app that updates status from twitter ONLY when you tag it #fb

  • Mark Bubner

    Thanks Joe, it’s a great list. I’m using a few of them already, but will look at the others.
    Not sure if this should be in ‘Operations’ or ‘other cool online tools’, but I’d look at adding
    It’s a web App that business can use free of charge to find professional service providers, or, if they sell those services, to get visibility of work in their area of expertise.

  • Brad Hays

    Joe –
    I like TweetDeck, but I am disappointed that I cannot manage multiple accounts using this app. Tweetie and Seesmic Desktop are my “go-to” Twitter applications now.
    Thank you for putting this list together, great job!
    Brad (bkhays)

  • Judith Berkowitz

    Also there’s
    Plaxo (like LinkedIn: business)
    MyLife (formerly Reunion)

  • Sam Feinberg

    Very nice list…but you left the best off! I know cause helped build it. Here comes the shameless offer… Try PROMO CODE = BLOGGER_CHAT to save bucks or the FREE plan to turn blog into sticky in under 5 minutes (use blogspot widget or cut and paste html) All visitors can chat as soon as they arrive (login is an option, but is not required like other chats) Full moderation and event scheduling features Current blogs that are using have seen a dramatic rise in time on site and viewership. We fully support. Responses to feedback are within hours not days

  • Torsten Herrmann

    I like for analytics. It builds a long tail of keywords over time and suggests keywords for which it’s worth to write an article.
    Here in Germany just started. It’s to recommend Twitter accounts. Plz try and recommend @torstenherrmann for categies #PR #Marketing #B2B #ContentMarketing :-)

  • Gayle Bridgeman

    Thanks for the great tips and resources Joe!

  • Joe Pulizzi

    Just made another update based on everyone’s recommendations. Keep them coming…great stuff.

  • Edward Izzys

    I feel like there is a scarcity of good marketing today. Good marketing means which can convert the leads into sales. The only marketing that has moved me in the last couple of years is Social Media Optimization.

  • Wendy Boyce

    This is a fabulous list – I’d be interested to know why you did not include in your list of social media tools. Would love to hear your insight on that.

  • Rex Riepe

    Do-It-Yourself Public Relations- Use social media to get your business news out.

  • Felicity Marsh

    Great list of things to look at! I will be trying a few of these today!

  • Felicity Marsh

    A great list of things to look at! I will be trying a few of these today!

  • woody

    There is another Social Media Marketing i.e., through web comments. Advertisors can use tools like “commentino” with the help of their writers, can promote their business/products. “commentino” writers will post comments in right forums/discussions and give forum participants more choices. From Advertisers point of you its good ROI as they pay only for comments that meets their requirements. For commentino details follow

  • affiliate marketing business

    you got it all man! Social networks that give a high backlink points and traffic to your site.

  • Dan

    Under Blogging/CMS Tools you need to list Drupal ( It’s an opensource CMS with a large (and fast growing) base of users and contributors. There’s a large list of modules to extend its functionality, there’s control systems in place in ensure security, and it’s very flexible.
    Drupal beats out Joomla and WordPress (if you want more than blogging) any day.

  • Joe Pulizzi

    Thanks Dan, great addition and so added.

  • Bruna Martinuzzi

    Dear Joe: this is an incredible list! A true act of electronic generosity. Thank you.

  • Vancouver wordpress designer

    Really great list! Thanks for the quantcast link :)

  • brian

    great article as a refresher or anyone getting into social media

  • Eduardo Lima

    DropBox is missing. A great backup/file share web site…

  • Mitch Speers

    Great list Joe! Here’s another for the Content Sharing section: Screenr ( which offers screencasts for Twitter. Free, no download, easy, very cool.

  • mlm leads

    Fantastic List, thank you for putting this thing together. With this i find it no hard times for me to look on and do the research for my daily work.
    Keep it up, hope you make a list also on how to look for a prospect in terms of marketing. Hurray!!!

  • François

    I would add a tool to manage all your social media contacts in one place (your PC…).

  • Lea Charlton

    I would like to introduce The Payer Player as a social media marketing tool. This portable social widget not only helps their members but all of the social networks that it is integrates with (including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube), plus provides Live Broadcasts, VOIP and PCMobile2Chat. – lets not forget the viral capabilities and that Shaquille O’Neal is endorsing it … this is a seious post. I hope you read the infomation and learn how to incorporate The Payer Player in your social media marketing process.

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  • Ricky

    Great post! more then 42 tools like this is by far more than anybody normally needs. I have personally used many of them but about 75% of them are still new for me.Some very good tools in there. Still, I wonder if there will be a free Facebook tool…

  • Social Media

    Thanks alot for putting this together.
    Have a great 2010.
    Magnus Lundin

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    This is one of the forms of internet marketing and i found it very useful in increasing the traffic to the website.

  • Becky Joubert

    What is there to say? It’s a huge list that needs to be explored, because there are so many sites I am unaware of. I bookmarked this post to be able to have a little time to check that out.
    Thanks for breaking them up in sections.

  • HotWheels

    AWESOME! What a terrific list!

  • Patrick Long

    Great list of Social Media Marketing Tools!! In SEO, using social platforms is a less cumbersome and more enjoyable way of letting people know more about your product..

  • Adam@How To Make Money Online

    Nice list ,
    I have something you miss about twitter:
    1- twitter directories:
    2- twitter analysis:
    3- twitter lists:
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  • Alex Avery – Inbound Marketer, Search Marketing and Analytics Consultant Melbourne

    Great list. A fantastic checklist and resource.
    I would add a few others. Here are three:
    Gliffy: – simple and free website design tool (also has other functions).
    Your Open Book: – search unsecure Facebook status updates for social media monitoring.
    Postling: – simple tool for posting and scheduling updates on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Handles multiple accounts.

  • Bhaskar Samuel

    I have not gone for native searching of Outlook emails ever since I started using GetMail of GetMail has fetched them for me with just a few character input. It is interactive and responds to each character input.

  • Construction Tool Boy

    Amazing information. Great list and easy to navigate. Got new ideas and learning from this posts. Excellent!

  • Rahul

    This is a fabulous list – Allaboutsite is also good one.

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  • Emma Young

    Thanks Joe, Really I got very useful tools to increase traffic and goal conversion.

  • Paul

    What a list! WOW! it will keep me reading for a while!
    thank you so much for posting!!!

  • Alka Shakya

    What a great list. Thank You so much. I recommend and for content sharing?

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  • Chantelle

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  • Vlad

    Hey Joe.

    Great list here. I think I use most of these myself with Hootsuite being my favorite. I would like to however add a tool you don’t have here and is quite important in todays social world I think. We created to combine the benefits of social media and seo together with real world users. The effects on marketing campaigns has been really good. I am available for questions or interview if you would like.

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    What about Replicon time tracking tool, Invoicera invoicing tool and Basecamp project management?

  • Quentin Aisbett

    I’m not the first person congratulating you Joe on this list but I have to say, when you consider you published this back in 2009, it is very impressive!

    • Joe Pulizzi

      Thank you sir!

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  • Phick Steven

    Great tools that prove to be productive. Here with one more tool I wanna include in this list, the cloud based task management software from Replicon which works in a hassle free manner with high end applicability and manageability.